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Can you create an instance of a class using a variable?
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Creating Class Objects and Pushing Back to a Vector
Here I wrote some wrong code to tell my problem. I want to create a class object and at the same time, I want it to be pushed back into the vector. As a beginne...
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Is it normal that smart pointers can't solve a problem?
Hi! I was wondering how normal it is that a problem can't be solved with smart pointers? On my current project I can't seem to use smart pointers (which I am a...
[4 replies] Last: A better question might be: "Is it normal that pointers can't solve a ... (by George P)
A beginner's class and assignment. May a little bit help?
Hi! Currently, I'm learning C++ classes and object oriented programming. It's hard for me to learn because this is my first language. I have an assignment and I...
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Writing a function
Write a function, computePrice that receives two parameters: the first one is a character variable indicating the size of the pizza (S, M or L) and the second a...
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NumDays Class
Essentially I was creating a class called NumDays where I convert the number of hours into a day since the problem stated there are 8 hours in a day. So I ...
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issue with a loop and maybe sentinel?
My instructions were to make the program run until a sentinel was entered, in this case my sentinel was any negative number, however I want the program to imdei...
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by kingsy
Newbie - Tips needed
Hi, I am new here. Just started learning C++ out of interest. All helpful tips to succeed in this journey will be highly appreciated. Best.
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Find the right root
Hello everyone, may I ask that given size, nodes and edges of a tree. How can I find the correct node to be the root so that the maximal number of nodes in subt...
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Segmentation fault in code
Good morning. I'm new to programming and need some help. I'm getting segmentation fault in the if statement with the following code. void delete_car(car_da...
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C++ Oscillator not confirming finding sound source or emitting wave
I'm trying to follow along in a tutorial of how to code to an oscillator on youtube. Idk if I can link the video without breaking rules here. I am using codel...
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Outputting each instance value.
Hello I have a problem outputting each value for the getIndvCost() function and I wanted to see if anyone knew how to output them using pointers. //John...
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Calculate Average
Complete the CalcAverage() function that has an integer vector parameter and returns the average value of the elements in the vector as a double. Ex: If the ...
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Weighted graph
Hello everyone, I got problem putting the weights of each child's and getting the max weighted child among them in the code. Some said that this should be solve...
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Displaying data from file
So i have a dat. file that holds 500+ user data information. I want to be able to sort the data into arrays and display it if the user selects that option. ...
[12 replies] Last: And, in that vein, here is a solution looking for a problem using tupl... (by againtry)
How do I loop this?
I have to use a function getData aswell as displayOutput and make a for loop so so that it can loop 5 times. Heres What I got so far #include <iostream...
[9 replies] Last: Notice the detail: if (volume < 100) { std::cout << "Size: small\n... (by keskiverto)
by Mr Z
list<T> within a template ?
#include <iostream> #include <list> using namespace std; template <typename T> void DisplayContents(const T& inList) { //list<T>::const_iterator ele...
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Find Lowest and Deduct
Write a program that calculates the average of a group of test scores, where the lowest score in the group is dropped. For example: if the user enters the value...
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by jNc
OpenCV related, get item from vector of cv:Point
Write your question here. string path = "man.png"; Mat img = imread(path); Mat matrix, imgWarp2; std::vector<std::vector<cv::Point> > conto...
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by Pen72
Euler order
Good morning, I'm trying to write a program to print the Euler Tour order on a tree. But the code isn't successful, is there any problem regarding the way I inp...
[12 replies] Last: Hello, thanks a lot for the great help!Passed all cases now. (by Pen72)
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