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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the Windows forum in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk about any topic related t...
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Agregar un control de ActiveX a un Project de Visual C++
Steve White and Michael Satran you two are liars, where is: Project/Add a Project/Components and co...
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compiling an SFML c++ program on a Windows computer
I have an old Dell laptop that has Windows 10. I have tried a few times to install g++ (unsuccessfu...
[5 replies] Last: When you installed VS, did you change the installer configuration to a... (by seeplus)
Saper game please help
and what has this to do with Windows programming. It seems like a console program? You can treat th...
[1 reply] : Yes, I do have a solution, multiple ones as a matter of fact, but yo... (by George P)
PCH errors after c++20
Recently, c++20 came out and I updated one of my big projects to c++20, however I am running into so...
[15 replies] Last: Any time I create a new project in VS I always choose to not use preco... (by George P)
alt tab to console app
I need to alt tab to console app with function. Using #include <windows.h> Have this piece of code...
[1 reply] : here are instructions to AOT a console window. https://www.thewindows... (by jonnin)
Visual Studio 2022
I am trying to learn C. I am using Windows 10. My problem right now is with Visual Studio 2022. I...
[6 replies] Last: Thank you to everyone who took time to reply. (by PolkaDotBowTie)
Implicit type conversion and time measurement
I'm implementing a game loop in `c++` using the `timeGetTime` function like below: // ... ...
[5 replies] Last: A possible consideration of using <chrono> is cross-platform, if the... (by George P)
Can't Add a new wiindows form
Hi, I am using Visual studio 2019. I can't seem to add a new form to my C++ CLI application. If I...
[3 replies] Last: There is no CLR Windows form in the list. (by Cyclone)
Windows Programming for beginners
Hi I´m an experienced C++ programmer, but always developed software using Linux. Now I need to ...
[6 replies] Last: the web can be confusing, but microsoft's developer documentation is r... (by jonnin)
Game loop and time measurement
There is the function `Sys_Milliseconds`: int curtime; int Sys_Milliseconds (void) ...
[1 reply] : Get that Déjà vu feeling all over again. https://www.cplusplus.com/f... (by salem c)
by oddy
About multi-lingual support on MinGW
One day I downloaded a version of MinGW. When I was trying using it to compile a C++ source file, I ...
[4 replies] Last: @kigar64551 I found that when I am under Windows 7 the MinGW compiler... (by oddy)
How to edit 'Inherit from parent or project defaults'
In the Visual Studio IDE I need to do the following: I am looking for a way to edit in particular t...
[1 reply] : This question was answered on Stackoverflow. See ArenaLor's Answer at ... (by rtischer8277)
Hello, guys, how can i move my "sample.txt" file from my PC (NTFS) to a flash drive (FAT32) using DM...
[2 replies] Last: And if the OP is looking for something less Win-centric and more C++ t... (by George P)
Troubles Calling C++/CLI .NET Framework From .NET Core
For over two years I have been developing a web front end for ScummVM as a 'challenge project'. ...
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System Idletime
Hello all, i just want to get the users idletime, meaning how much time passed after the last use...
[4 replies] Last: I do not know how, where, etc. But somewhere, windows tracks the idle... (by jonnin)
Cross compiling for Windows on ARM
I have a tablet PC with an ARM processor running Windows 10, and I'd like to compile programs for it...
[4 replies] Last: Compilers are never available natively for ARM, including Visual Stud... (by George P)
How to pause a for loop
I want to make a system that counts up to 5 on a win32 screen but my issue is I cant figure out a wa...
[7 replies] Last: you can also just move the for loop into its own function as a thread.... (by jonnin)
how initializate a template class static variable?
template<typename T> class Form { public: static int i; Form() { i++; ...
[14 replies] Last: can i do these: typedef static inline Static; ? error line: " 'Sta... (by Cambalinho)
new LNK1104 error in Visual Studio
I thought a recent link error was due to having left a resource open, which is causing an 'Access De...
[7 replies] Last: Nope. ProcessHacker provides the same info as the MS tool does. The ... (by kigar64551)
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