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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the general programming forum in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk about any top...
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Clinic Queue Management System C++
Can someone help me to share the code for Clinic Queue Management System using C++ Data Structure ? ...
[3 replies] Last: The OP hasn't even provided some details as to what is expected from t... (by seeplus)
scatterv in dot product
I am trying to do a dot product of two vector using mpi. the size of vector is not dividable by the ...
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Histogram Help
I am having trouble converting the numbers into a histogram output and am unsure how to even go abou...
[4 replies] Last: See also http://www.cplusplus.com/forum/beginner/279378/ (by seeplus)
How to print a Html file with c++
Hello my name is alex and I'm from France so sorry for possible mistakes. I developed a programm ...
[9 replies] Last: To clarify, by "that print program" I meant the built-in Windows one. ... (by Ganado)
Anyone here familiar with LevelDB and/or Reindexer?
I am a .NET developer trying to figure out how replicate something in c# that's being done in c++. T...
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executable symbol information issue?
When you dump symbol information from an executable if it gives you all symbol information, does thi...
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node connectivity of a mesh
I asked this question before and I got some answers, but it's not working for me. I have a list of t...
[12 replies] Last: Sorry, now I understand what you said at the beginning, I appreciate y... (by resabzr)
by Ganado
Using :: in C++ language
Does this mean that inside of the iostream file the developers that created it made a namespace ca...
[2 replies] Last: Re-post of https://stackoverflow.com/questions/15649580/using-in-c (by keskiverto)
separating declaration from definition at templates
Hello, I want to clear whats happening with code where merely declaration is provided but definition...
[5 replies] Last: If you have a limited set of types for which your template may be inst... (by ne555)
by helios
Code review - RW mutex implementation
https://github.com/Helios-vmg/rwmutex/tree/master/src This is a simple multiple-reader, single-wri...
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How can i correctly make the definition of class in cpp
Hello , I am really new in c++ development . I created a class Backend . In Backend.h I def...
[2 replies] Last: // class definition class Backend { public: Backend( QObject *pare... (by keskiverto)
returning vector from a class member function (1,2)
I have a member function of class SparceMatrixStruct which should return a vector. std::vector<siz...
[28 replies] Last: [quote=resabzr]but if it is private I don't have access to that. This... (by MikeyBoy)
Printing string creates stackdump
Moving on from https://www.cplusplus.com/forum/general/279314/ , I put that aside temporarily and de...
[12 replies] Last: Here you go, OP. https://github.com/Axocudo/Axocudo/pull/2 I removed a... (by helios)
Questions relating to algorithms, sorting, linked lists, and functions
Should an algorithm with a better worst case runtime should always be used over an algorithm with a ...
[3 replies] Last: N^3. why? the inner loops is n*n, the outer is n/3, ignore the const... (by jonnin)
Please help me figure out what I'm doing wrong here
I'm making my own programming language, I have some experience with that in Python and Java. But I t...
[10 replies] Last: Update: It's not solved at all, I'll make a new thread for this tho as... (by AceKiron)
Purchase C/C++ license
I wish to purchase a license to MS C/C++ 2017 professional edition, without other aspects of Visual ...
[3 replies] Last: If you need a professional edition of VS look into VS 2022. Not yet o... (by Furry Guy)
Image rd file compress (1,2,3,4)
Hi I am trying to read TGA file and then need to compress to almost half the size of the image f...
[67 replies] Last: > Verify manually means? Somewhat simplified; verify that the types ... (by JLBorges)
Add graphics to executable without resource rc file.
Using C++11 on a Microsoft Windows operating system that is 32 bit and compiling with Code::Blocks 1...
[12 replies] Last: helios, thank you. It looks like I might build the bitmap from scratc... (by keyboard9)
Need replace enter key c++
I am trying to find a way to replace pressing enter key in c++. below is c code. can someone help m...
[5 replies] Last: If your compiler supports conio.h (and VS does), then the 'old' way of... (by seeplus)
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