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Welcome -- read before posting!
Welcome to the beginner's forum in! In this forum, users can to talk about any topic related to C++ for non-expert audiences. Feel free to participate...
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Console Closing Down (1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
Hi, i am new to C++ and have just written my "Hello World" program. It worked all right but the console/cmd closes down instantly. If you tell me why it is clos...
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User input with class methods
I've come to the point where I need to collect user input and create the instance of a matrix. I've tried but I'm not sure how to do this, given all of my metho...
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Sequential Search
there's an error on this program supposedly how can I utilize it to become a linked list and array and to identify how many comparisons would be necessary to fi...
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Testing Strings
Hi, I put together a program that is supposed to print an alien word called a "blurb." A blurb consists of an whoozit which is an x followed by one or more y. T...
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How to improve C++ Program? (1,2)
Following C++ program compiled and ran using MS VS2022 Community edition. Please help improve this program (main, power function, #defines etc) using C++20 fea...
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Calculating the Duration of a Factorial Calculation
Hi, I'm trying the calculate a factorial calculation's duration. But the code that I wrote is giving me the zeros all the time. If it's 1! giving me 0 even whil...
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About compiler (1,2)
g++ -wall -g .... What those called: -wall -g Where can I find the full list of them, with usage description of them. Thanks)
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building a multilayer perceptron
I want to build a multilayer perceptron and am almost done. I cannot initialize a test object though. I have written a basic linear algebra library "Matrix.h" t...
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by Bumzag
Build and modify a project from existing source code
Sorry for the dumb question but can someone give me a roadmap to build a project from an existing source code so I can make modifications to it? The project in...
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Hi I'm working with Xcode and I am having problems with the dylib. I'm trying to add two dylibs to XCODE 11, glfw is one of them The other is glm_shared. They...
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swith into while
Hello, you knows why is happenig this. I mean, when I run the code and introduce a mistake the default in the switch supposed to capture the mistakeand restart ...
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About character sets
I looped through 512 characters and I realized that: my character set is 256. so it is not an 7-bit ascii. Instead, it is variant. My question is: Is there a...
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About files, little bit related to c++
I am experimenting a thing here, Well some files are encrypted, others are not. Two of the last category are: text(.txt) files and cpp files. Every time I add ...
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building a multilayer perceptron
Hello, I am trying to build a MLP to learn C++. So far I have implemented a small linear algebra library "Matrix.h" and "Matrix.cpp". Now, I want to implement ...
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C++20 VS2022 program to count lines please
I need help in writing C++20 program using VS2022 please. Program has to read any cpp/cc or hpp/h source file as input and count blank lines, comment lines an...
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trying to build a basic linear algebra library
I am trying to implement a function to generate a Matrix as it is defined in my Matrix.h file initialized with random values drawn from a gaussian distribution....
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About conio.h
I know that conio.h is not c++ standard library nor a c standard library. Do you know any information about the library like where it comes from and why it i...
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by dvdlly
trying to build a basic linear algebra library
I am trying to learn C++ and want to build a Matrix library. So far I have a Matrix.h file: //Matrix.h #pragma once #include <vector> template<typena...
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About ASCII extended code
I just found two different ASCII code table, I am asking the following: 1: How many ASCII extended table are there? 2: Where can I find them? Thanks)
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