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Welcome -- read before posting!
Welcome to the beginner's forum in! In this forum, users can to talk about any topic relate...
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Console Closing Down (1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
Hi, i am new to C++ and have just written my "Hello World" program. It worked all right but the cons...
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Formatting a 2d array output
Hey yall, so this is one of the last things I should do for my project and I can't seem to come up w...
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Visual Studio very strange "hello world" error (1,2)
Hi! I've just installed Visual Studio Community 2022 witch C++ package (not everything, just 4GB). T...
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please help me
i want function to inorder traversal code (non recurcive) for this code #include<iostream> ...
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Hi! I have some problem to solve to this task Task 10. Unfoturnetely, when one of the assistant ha...
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vector<> function whale_talk
I think I do not fully understand vector function. I don't know what's going on during for loops par...
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Chapter 07 Rock-Paper-Scissors(-Lizard-Spock)
I have a program and I know there's probably a lot of mistakes so it may not be an easy fix but it's...
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Rewrite an existing line in txt
Yes it's me again struggling with file, this time I want to store a changing data (victory time) of ...
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Using explicit template instantiation on class function to restrict template parameters
Ok, so I'm basically making a class that is supposed to be similar to var in javascript. It's gonn...
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by alexas
visualisation/animation of 2D array
Hello Maybe someone has any good idea/experience if it is possible to animate 2D array in C++ wit...
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by nodoz
virtual copy constructor
I know there is no such thing as a virtual copy constructor but the text im reading simulates that u...
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by jt909
Creating a function the geometric (compounded) mean return
Hi, I am new to C++ (as you may be able to tell). I have been working on a project, and have a sourc...
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Problem with Program
So I have a program in class that I believe in my mind everything is correct but I'm getting a bunch...
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by alexas
Bound angle between cuboids (1,2)
Dear Experts, Angles have worn me down yet again. Now I am trying to set up the required connectio...
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Pass by refence
In c++, to pass argument from caller to callee we use pass by reference method. In this modificatio...
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Completely lost on how to start this here (Primarily for the Constructors)
So I am doing a C++ Project for one of my classes and I am completely lost on what this is asking fo...
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Been Having a hard time with arrays
Write your question here. Hi im coding graphs and it keeps on saying its not constant Pu#pra...
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Will This Notebook Be Able To Handle All My Coding Software?
Yes, but go for the full 16GB of memory. Consider adding an external monitor and keyboard; I find it...
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Error spotting
Hey all. Am working on a program. Being new to C++, am unable to spot errors in the program that I h...
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