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Hi! I am a newbie at C++ and would love to have some help in solving this problem.
Whenever I include spaces in the input, the whole thing loops endlessly, I can only write one word or a sentence with no spaces. { string input; co...
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struct dirent *entity difference
struct dirent *entity struct dirent* entity i runned the both codes and complair didn't give any error. if both of these code true why people prefer struct ...
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Console freezes when complied.
Hi, I was told to write this code which will read text from a file, which is laid out sort of like this: Id: 4343 Name: Daniel Number: 88442939 Email: daniel@y...
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Hello, I'd appreaciate a code review!
As the title says, i'd like to ask for a code review. The programs works as i imagined, but i'd like to improve it, if i can in any way. The program helps you p...
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recursive_directory_iterator filesystem
Hello i have issue and i can't doing and i am gonna getting crazy about that. I always taking same problem with VS Code and Microsoft Visual Studio. I checke...
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by Ch1156
SFML Help - Displaying text in a vertical order with a vector
So im trying to use a vector to display SFML text on the screen, and it works but what i need to do is get the location of the text in the last array and displa...
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CodeLite C++, can not open .exe file of the project when using iostream library
Hello I recently changed the IDE I use to CodeLite, and I seem to get a problem. I made my first testing Hello World program to test if everything is OK, and ...
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for loops, is using i-- bad practice?
New to C++, I have a question about for loops that I need some help with. I understand the condition of using the for loop and how it increments/decreases but I...
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Reading data from text file, with commas, into a dynamic array of structs
I have no idea on how to read in this file, every method I try does not result in an output. the ret of the code works just fine the only part that doesn't work...
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by Pen72
Maze (1,2)
Hi everyone, This problem is very tough for me, would be glad if there's any advice to solve it properly. There is a forest fire and you are in the forest....
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Has anyone seen this before?
Hello, I am studying the Bjarne Stroustrup Programming Principles and Practice Using C++ (Second Edition). I created this program to convert 3 currencies to the...
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error: cannot convert 'LPCWSTR' {aka 'const wchar_t*'} to 'LPCSTR' {aka 'const char*'}
hello i am trying to do an file finder but i took this error i am new in c++ how could i fix this problem thanks #include<iostream> #include<Windows.h> ...
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STL stack: Does calling stack.pop() invalidate object?
This is from a Leetcode binary tree traversal exercise. /** * Definition for a binary tree node. * struct TreeNode { * int val; * TreeNode *left;...
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Why isn't TreeNode destructor called?
Question in the title. I was expecting some cout output before main() exits but nothing gets printed. When Tree gets destroyed, the call free(tn) should h...
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Pushing Back Class Objects to a Vector
Here, in the code. While I'm pushing back that obj2 to vector, is it creating another class object? Because my settings are not affecting this vector element. H...
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Call to Overloaded Function is Ambiguous?
Specifically on line 9. //John 3 #include "MathVector.h" #include <iostream> int main() { MathVector<double> mVec(20); MathVector<double> fVec...
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How to select number format when writing to file
I'm modifying someone else's longer code for work, and I'm very new to C++. I have this section working, but I get only a single digit integer in the .txt file...
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what does this small line of code mean?
I don't think you can make a string stream == to something, so I'm wondering what function, this line of code was supposed to have? ss = (std::stringstream{...
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Coin Flip Script
Hello I'm new to c++. I was wondering if someone here could do me a favor potentially. I'm somewhat familiar with Python and Scratch. I was wondering if so...
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by jNc
get columns quantity for each row of array
Greetings! I have some data included in array with 100 rows and 100 columns. i need to roll through all of rows and columns, but i dont know actual columns...
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