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Windows Application - WNDCLASS etc.
Hi, I am new and been learning to make a basic Window but have a question I like to ask related to function oriented programming. 1) The below code is me tryin...
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Objects and Binary files (RPG game)
For my school project we are working through building a basic RPG style game with custom classes and reading/writing to a binary file. I believe I have all of m...
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Need help with code.
Write a C++ program that includes a function to calculate the discount applicable on the price of an item. Your function should have three arguments: the price ...
[3 replies] Last: Perhaps something like: #include <iostream> #include <cassert> voi... (by seeplus)
search inside files inside file
hello i am trying to make a program for specify extension finder but i have some issue how can i search inside files inside file like i have a A folder in this ...
[5 replies] Last: [quote=baduymus]#include<filesystem> doesn't work This isn't your fi... (by George P)
how to do this?
how do i make a c++ file that will print the entered number like a number string on the screen? Example: I entered 123, And it has shown 1 2 3
[3 replies] Last: Another way to do this, keeping the entered integer value as a number ... (by George P)
by H00G0
Is it Possible to write and read a struct from a vector to a file?
Hi guys, I'm slowly getting back into programming and I'm getting stuck on a small project of mine. I would like to have a text file from which I can read an...
[11 replies] Last: Thank you very much for all of your feedback, I have it working now! H... (by H00G0)
Input and output from file
I have a input file named BabyNames.dat The data are 1 James Ellen 2 Peter Eleanor 3 Rodger Mary 4 John Elise 5 Mpho Anne 6 Molefe Ella 7 Zaheer Petun...
[2 replies] Last: Currently search_boy(...)/search_girl(...) are returning a single inde... (by coder777)
Pearson Chapter 7 - 2 Programming Question
Hi there! My code seems to run fine with the one exception of not showing January as the month with least rainfall. Here are what the challenge specifies: Wr...
[3 replies] Last: You just need an index to the months with the least and most rainfall.... (by seeplus)
No idea whats wrong
I have an issue with code output being not what i want it to be and its different in different IDEs. #include <iostream> using namespace std; int ma...
[2 replies] Last: If you don't initialize a variable it has random value. On your PC it ... (by thmm)
GetConsoleOriginalTitle() - Returning Blank Chars
I want to get the window handle of a game console application by name. I have tried researching and found on MSDN if I want to get the title of the console ap...
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Vector<int,2> origin;
Write your question here. The syntax for vector is Vector<int> vector name. Here what does 2 do in the following command. Vector<T,2> origin; Vector<T,...
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Is this a compiler issue or is my code incorrect?
I was told to make a c++ code where, a user can choose a txt file of their choice for a dynamic 2d array. The file syntax is sort of like this: 2 3 43.3 44....
[6 replies] Last: MatrixColumns contains the number of cols for that row (L75). Hence L1... (by seeplus)
by JFJ
strange behavior with cout and strings
I was beginner to c++ working on a simple string rotation program that would take a number and a string and rotate it about that index in the string. I split th...
[5 replies] Last: thanks I got it working on my end, I unfortunately have a tendency to ... (by JFJ)
Programming OpenGL in Linux with GLX, Xlib and GLEW
What I need to modify in this code (found here: to make work with GLEW, besides a...
[1 reply] : Maybe it could be better to post your question in the section which is... (by Geckoo)
C++ Program to Convert Number in Character
C++ Program to Convert Number in Character // Numbers As Words.cpp : main project file. #include <iostream> #include <cmath> using namespace std; int m...
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char pointer manipulation
I am using an old directX game engine that uses char* to load file paths. How do I iterate through files like a counter to load multiple files EX. char* sFi...
[5 replies] Last: Because using std::string is better for string concatenation than char... (by kbw)
Freezing and Boiling Points
Write your question here. Hello. I am having a bit of a logic error with my code. This is challenge 16 from chapter 13 from starting out with c++ 9th edition. ...
[13 replies] Last: ... or alternatively then: #include <iostream> class Temp { public... (by seeplus)
Creating a jagged array using a txt file?
I wanted to make a C++ code where, a txt file has a number in the beginning with the amount of rows in the column, and then there would be data in the bottom th...
[2 replies] Last: With a test data file as follows (no need to specify the number of row... (by George P)
Declaring interdependent classes
hello everyone, I have found similar questions in the forum but really cant understand the answers. I am declaring two classes, each one of these classes needs ...
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by linaya
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