Newbie - Tips needed


I am new here. Just started learning C++ out of interest. All helpful tips to succeed in this journey will be highly appreciated.

You might want to do some studying with a free online C++ tutorial: Learn C++
Thanks George.
You don't say whether you're new to programming or just new to C++?

What resources (books) are you using to learn from? George mentioned the best on-line learning resource above.

When learning to code, write code. You can only get so much from books. on-line tutorials etc. What really cements ideas etc is actually writing the code. When coding, code in small parts and compile and test frequently. Get what you're already coding working as expected before moving on. There's nothing more discouraging (at the beginning) than writing a chunk of code then compile it and find line upon line of errors reported.

Don't give up. C++ is quite unforgiving in terms of getting the syntax right. A simple misplaced } or ; can cause multiple errors to be reported when the solution is very simple.

What os/compiler are you using? As well as learning how to get the best from your ide, you should also learn how to use the debugger to trace through the code and see what's happening.

Note that the latest version of C++ is C++20. Whatever compiler you choose to use, it should support this standard and you need to know how to compile against this standard. For most compilers you have to specify the C++ version to be used when compiling (either as an ide setting or a cmd line option).

The final tip is to enjoy it!

If you need help and guidance we are a a helpful bunch. Post your code and we'll provide help/guidance. When posting code, don't forget to use code tags so that the formatted code is readable.

the code goes here

Happy coding!

Thank you seeplus. That was really insightfuil.
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