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Welcome to this board!
Welcome to the lounge forum in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk about topics other than pr...
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Bluettoth forum ? (1,2,3)
Is this a good forum to ask bluetooth code questions ? I am not looking for " download driver .....
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Blockchain and Bitcoin(under the hood)
Hi guys, I'm watching this fascinating video about what's really happening under the hood of Bitc...
[4 replies] Last: This is actually kind of what I do for a living. How many transactio... (by helios)
What's your favorite keyboard? (1,2)
In http://www.cplusplus.com/forum/beginner/277844/ seeplus asked what people's favorite keyboard is....
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Let's define an "n-bounded rational" as a rational number whose numerator and denominator both have ...
[6 replies] Last: One more shotgun idea (darn it, its stuck in the back of my head, hard... (by jonnin)
How to create and load custom c++ "prefabs"?
I'll try to explain my problem the best I can so please bare with me... I have a gun in my game t...
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Gamedev - Moving an object from point A to point B
his is more a beginner gamedev question... If this isn't the place to ask please let me know! Thank ...
[3 replies] Last: I would recommend something like this, instead. It more easily handles... (by helios)
Convert text file to image
I have this text file that contains the binary code for a photograph. I'm trying to convert it to a ...
[7 replies] Last: I'm actually working on an application that will take a text file (or ... (by agent max)
Visual Studio 2022 announced
[6 replies] Last: Visual Studio 2022 will be a 64-bit application The speed of adoptio... (by keskiverto)
Polyglot program
Just thought this was interesting; it is a program written in C, PHP, and Bash shell script. I can o...
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Top 10 C++ Resources You MUST Know About!
Cᐩᐩ Weekly With Jason Turner C++ Weekly - Ep 268 - Top 10 C++ Resources You MUST Know About! ...
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Good for a laugh or two
Just wanted to share something that made my day...I was feeling pretty blue and reading through som...
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CS pedagogy (1,2,3)
I've been thinking about this for the past few years and every time I think about this subject I jus...
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by jonnin
include is no template!
Error (active) E0864 include is not a template I just thought you guys should know :) One of 'thos...
[10 replies] Last: Oops, not quite what I meant. I meant that there's hardly anything th... (by agent max)
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Google's API copyright win over Oracle
The experts agree this Supreme Court decision was a victory for developers and open-source software....
[9 replies] Last: Ahhhh, my eyes have been opened... That makes a lot of sense too, I d... (by agent max)
CPU pipelining
Hi guys, so it's been a while since I've been at college. In our first year we learned about comput...
[2 replies] Last: Some intro books on computer systems start simply by introducing a hyp... (by seeplus)
Making a program compile itself
So, I have been looking into the system() function in the <stdlib.h> header file, and I found some i...
[11 replies] Last: dhayden, Ah, I think I see what you're talking about...I'm not sure ho... (by agent max)
<windows.h> for macOS? (1,2)
Does anyone know if there is a good version of the <windows.h> header file for macOS? Specifically, ...
[39 replies] Last: https://www.reddit.com/r/VXJunkies/ LOL. That's awesome. "Dial the ga... (by helios)
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"Playlist" shuffle
I'm surprised I've never seen this mentioned anywhere, so I'm leaving it here. Consider the stand...
[9 replies] Last: helios, Another very good point; I should probably just delete my firs... (by agent max)
Perl poetry
Just thought this was interesting; in another topic, "CS pedagogy," someone brought up the topic of ...
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