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Discussions about C++ programming for beginners
"Best way to modify a variable in a class"
on by George P
Windows Programming
Win32, MFC, ATL, C++/CLI, .NET ...
"type const char * not compatible with LPCWSTR"
on by TrouthieCPP
UNIX/Linux Programming
Programming C++ for UNIX and Linux
"build systems and code editors\IDE's you use or suggest on Linux?"
on by keskiverto
General C++ Programming
Anything about programming in C++
"which one of these bytecode instruction designs is better?"
on by dhayden
Discussions about this website, or other topics not related to C++ programming
"I wrote a strrstr()"
on by seeplus
Job offers for C++ programmers.
on by George P
How-to's and other technical articles
"How to Make a Game 2"
on by anonymous23323124