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  • C++ Language: Learn this versatile and powerful programming language. Includes detailed explanations of pointers, functions, classes and templates, among others...
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    Description of the most important classes, functions and objects of the Standard Language Library, with descriptive fully-functional short programs as examples.
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    by Ch1156
    Best way to modify a variable in a class (1,2,3)   [Beginners]
    So whats the best way to modify a variable in a class? Below I have a version that does so through a pointer, but is it better to just make a function that modi...
    [51 replies] Last: Note that you don't need constructor for Cat if you use a using statem... (by seeplus)
    type const char * not compatible with LPCWSTR   [Windows Programming]
    Hello everyone, Trying Win API 32 with creating sample Window, handle message using ressources in CPP compiler returns the message const char * type argument no...
    [15 replies] Last: Since I have updated .json in v.s. code #include <sal.h>[/code] is no... (by TrouthieCPP)
    by stav
    which one of these bytecode instruction designs is better?   [General C++ Programming]
    I've been going down a bit of a rabbit hole trying to figure out the most optimal way to design a bytecode instruction class. To be clear an instruction is som...
    [7 replies] Last: I don't think either of these approaches of good. To see why, consider... (by dhayden)
    build systems and code editors\IDE's you use or suggest on Linux?   [UNIX/Linux Programming]
    For the last 2 years I'm using VSCode, since my switch to Linux I continue to use it. But there are many pitfalls with VSCode, primarily VSCode is not good f...
    [8 replies] Last: Spack https://spack.io/ -- "scientific package manager" -- is not an a... (by keskiverto)
    I wrote a strrstr()   [Lounge]
    Just because. https://stackoverflow.com/a/78527348/2706707 If I made a major fail I’m sure the nice folks at SO will let me know, so, feel free to roast i...
    [17 replies] Last: If compiled for 32 bit (as opposed to 64 bit above) then the average t... (by seeplus)
    Convert binary to base 58   [Beginners]
    I want to convert a long binary number, 256 bits, into a base 58 char array using c code. I cannot find a simple explanation. The Bing tool insists on convert...
    [7 replies] Last: You can convert binary to BCD using double-dabble (https://en.wikipedi... (by dhayden)
    Pipes, pipes and yet more pipes   [Lounge]
    https://www.cppstories.com/2024/pipe-operator/ Is C++ becoming/is too complicated?
    [5 replies] Last: It seems to me that the overall goal for C++ is to be able to write m... (by keskiverto)
    Finally switched to Linux Mint (1,2,3)   [Lounge]
    Got a new PC (finally) and since it is really nice, modern hardware I am finally making the move from Windows. I liked[/i] Windows 7. Very clean, good OS. Wi...
    [51 replies] Last: That's too complicated for me, I use windows in virt-manager for same... (by keskiverto)
    Lions and Tigers and Pointers, oh my! (1,2)   [Lounge]
    I’ve been spending time at SO again lately (dunno why) and I am again impressed by how confused people get by the idea of pointers. It really doesn’t seem to...
    [21 replies] Last: Heh heh heh, I remember doing weird stuff poking around memory like th... (by Duthomhas)
    About standard strings in Linux?   [UNIX/Linux Programming]
    I'm new to Linux dev, so far I've been mostly writing Win32 applications where `char` is `ANSI` and `wchar_t` is UNICODE. But I see under Linux the default i...
    [8 replies] Last: @kigar64551 I'm very grateful for your sample code and mention of icon... (by malibor)