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Problem with pointer
> the value of the array changed automatically, why? Undefined behaviour. What is the lifetime of the array arr in the function FillArray() ?
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Comma seperated numerical array
Hello everyone, How can I convert my numerical 1D and 2D arrays to the comma seperated matrix? I have two vectors like A=[3 4 5] 1D and B=[[5 6 7] ...
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Transcendental equations?
Write your question here. I need help. From the subject from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering I was given the task to calculate a certain physical quantit...
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by Amin96
is it loop, remainder or what ?
hello, I'm having issues understanding what to do in this exercise. it"s a C++ using netbeans Write a program that asks the user to enter 2 integers of 4 digit...
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Election Program help!
So I am once again back and asking for help! This is my final lab of the semester, and I really have no idea what to do after a certain point. My professor isn'...
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Building my first functions
everything down to the output12 and output24 seems to work fine. I am trying to finish the conversions and output am/pm or 24hour formats. #include <iostre...
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I'm new and don't know where to start, assignment due soon.
Write your question here. You are given a file consisting of students’ names in the following form: lastName, firstName middleName. (Note tha...
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by tapni
Read matrix from file
I'm trying to make matrix to be read from file but the followin mistake occurs " no matching function for call to 'std::vector<std::vector<int> >:: push_back(...
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Trouble when create and load save file
So, my assignment is to create a horseboard game, and I am struggling with save/load part. I have 2 problem, the first one is that after I finish the save part...
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Problem with pointer
Hello, When the program goes to MinMax function(line 19), the value of the array changed automatically, why? Thanks #include <iostream> #include <stdlib.h>...
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to binary ecc
#include<bits/stdc++.h> using namespace std; void fun(int x ){ int a ; int cont=0; if(x==0){ cout<<0; } else { int cnt=0; for(int i=0; ...
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c++ Program that uses structs and nodes to read data file
I am using a combination of structs and nodes using a heavily modified linked list program to read a data file and print results, I have also commented out what...
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by ICantC
Memory alloc / generic function pointer
Hi all, I have 2 quick questions, I have a pure C text game, very small, just 1 test area created so far. But already 50% of the time I get a heap corruption cr...
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Help for beginner
When I make the program for this given task how do I print only non zero elements of array not the whole array and can anyone tell how to terminate if array is ...
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How to compare an int variable name to a string?
So for example, I want to compare the name of an int variable to a string, and if the name of the variable is the same as the string, then do certain action. ...
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a C++ Program which inputs a four-byte integer
In a Military database system, IDs of the army personnel are stored in a 32-bit value which is coded as follows: a. 7-bits Belt number b. 10-bits Batch numbe...
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Debugging array value
you are not running the code you posted, as it will not compile. line 67 should be count. its possible if you don't read your warnings and errors to miss that...
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a C++ program to perform 128-bit encryption and decryption using XOR operation.
Write your question here. Write a C++ program to perform 128-bit encryption and decryption using XOR operation. Your program must ask for 128-bit key and plai...
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how to print eight lined rainbow (of asterisks *)
The information about colours is to be stored in bits of a variable called colour. The bit number 0 to 7, each represent 8 colours of a rainbow, i.e. bit 1 rep...
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alias template import and export from/to DLL
My class has a alias template, class XXX_API Foo { // codes template <typename Value> Id2Values = std::map<std::string, std::vector<Value>>; // other ...
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