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Find the product
This is currently what I am working on and hopefully you can follow. I am trying to make sure the product is not zero. Running this just keeps repeating zero...
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Different output for sum using loop w/ (k*k) or pow(k,2)
Hello, I have a problem with the output from my summation code. I put the same equation for the sum, but whether I put k*k or pow*k,2), the outputs are differ...
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by Emmy92
Scientific Calculator using 30 functions in C++
Making a scientific calculator in C++ using functions, (30 of them). User should select and run any function. My code works perfectly fine for options 1 to 9. H...
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Identify open quotes in a delimited file
Please read \n as return character in the example record. Example record: "info, "info", "info\n and more info" I'm reading a file like this: for(std:...
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Loop output slight error
Hello I have a slight error in my code int sum=0, lastValue, num=1; cout <<"Enter a number for the last value: "; cin >> lastValue; do { cout <<n...
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Header, implementation and main files, undefined reference to constructor
Hello, I am really confused with what the issue is here with my code. It's a simple example, but I keep getting the following error: C:\Users\User\AppData\Lo...
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Put the code you need help with I havent coded this yet so I dont have anything to show, I am trying to figure out how it would work first. I am try...
[1 reply] : I suggest that the first step is to write down the classes without any... (by coder777)
C++ Word Guess game almost done, few problems ?
I'm making a Word Guess game. RULES: -Player1 will enter a word of any length for Player 2 to guess. -Player 2 will have 5 letter guesses and 5 word gues...
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C++ Help with homework! The topic is Sequential Files.
Hi! I am a beginner to C++ programming and I am completed stumped on one of my homework labs. I will post the homework instructions and what I have done so far....
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Sum of loop output in float
Hello I need help on how to compute the loop output in float float num=1.5,sum; do { cout<<num; cout<<endl; num+=1.5; }while(num<=9.0); ...
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Discrete Math
How many bit strings contain exactly six 1's and ten 0's if every 1 is immediately followed by a 0?
[4 replies] Last: yes. 10 things (6 10's and 4 zeros), choose 4 (the zeros), the 'combi... (by jonnin)
by mudd
Program to change case of user input, not reading spaces/symbols/already cased words.. (1,2)
Hello, I am making a menu program with 4 options. The user will enter a (string) sentence of any length, then make a selection 1 -4. Options 2 and 3 will change...
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Advanced calc project
Making an advanced calculator with the option to add several numbers to one operator, for example, 3 = x + y + z. How can I prevent it from printing the answer...
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Election Program help please!!!
Hello! I previously wrote another post with the same problem, but now I have more code than I did and would like some help with it now that I have something to ...
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C++ Hangman Program using Loops.
Let me preface this by saying this is NOT a current homework assignment; but it is an assignment from 3 years ago before I dropped out of school. I am self teac...
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Problem with Reading data from txt file
Hello everyone, I am tring to read data from a txt file and the data looks like that: cap=[1332 100 120 130 12 13 2 1 32 21 1332 1332 1332 1332 1332 1332 ...
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C++ Xmemory error
#include <string> #include <vector> #include <iostream> #include <stdexcept> using namespace std; class Main { public: static void main(s...
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by emcp
how to append data from buffer into something for OpenCV?
Hi Cplusplus, I am in the midst of experimenting with C++ sockets and opencv. I've successfully gotten some text data to travel over the wire.. I want to se...
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by Le0n41
A text consisting of words separated by spaces or commas is specified. The text length is not more than 200 characters, any characters can be used. A word is a ...
[1 reply] : A text consisting of words separated by spaces or commas is specified... (by lastchance)
ntdll.dll dynamic linking
i am trying to get imagebase address of a process i just loaded in memory. For that i have to dynamic link ntdll using loadlibrary and use getprocaddress to ge...
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