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Day Trading Tracker
Hello Programmers, I am trying to create a program that helps me track all my day trading statistics. I have made an attempt at starting the project but afte...
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make files and linking: empty objs
To design static lib, I am composing a make file, after that entire static libs are linked together by upper level make file. In different folders the project i...
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program to find date of calendar
Hi! I am having problem with calendar in searching out about day of date, problem is this we are having two kinds of year one is ordinary year and second is l...
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How to template a type and rename it
What I want can be illustrated in the following code :) It is of course not correct, but you should know what I mean. If template a data type and rename it, ...
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by tron22
atoi(str); not working
Hello am a beginner and am working on this assignment and this line does not work please help its urgent. the line that does not work is atoi(str); int main()...
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by Kaega2
Int Array to Function: Passing direct value??
Is there a way to pass a direct value to a function that expects an Int Array as its input? I'm working on a code wars problem. I have the following functio...
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Help with a Covid survey for class
Write your question here. I am writing a code for my advanced c++ class and I believe I have done everything correctly but keep getting the LNK2019 error. I hav...
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a[i] = i++ undefined behavior
Greetings! Another question to the language subtleties. As I have understood until this point (also thanks to another thread I posted here a long time ago)...
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functions with ifstrem
So I want to if its possible to have a function to get data from text file and store into variables instead of putting it in the main function . //funct...
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Help with a Coffee Shop program for class!
Hello! I have torn this website apart looking for help, but nothing has. I am currently in my first computer science class at uni, and I need help with this lab...
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C++ Help with homework!
Hi! I am a beginner to C++ programming and I am completed stumped on one of my homework labs. I will post the homework instructions and what I have done so far....
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by Paul5
Reading text file and displaying each word with it's frequency on output
I have made this program which will give the word with it's frequency on output but I want to make it like it would automatically end program when all words ar...
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Can I ask where did I go wrong in the code? It was supposed to add the numbers infile (1,2,3,4) #include <fstream> int main( ) { using namespace std...
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functions with ifstrem
is there a way to move the ifstream out of the main function and put into a separate function? any ideas on how to do it are welcomed //function to read...
[1 reply] : Yes. But it depends on what you're trying to achieve. Can you provid... (by kbw)
by dina1
please help
Let Q(x, y) denote xy< 0 The domain of x is {1,2,3} and the domain of y is {0, -1, -2, -3}. Implement the code that outputs the truth values of the following ...
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by hasane
How to read data from website?
Currently I'm using system command to download raw paste from pastebin. However, it would be nicer to just to read the data from the website and put it into st...
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recursive function in classic binary tree / predecessors
Im writing recursive function in classic binary tree , to write the ID of all the nodes that are predecessors to the node, this is the progress so far ...
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Zodiac Program
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Instead of writing each function to respond to 't' and 'T' etc with several functions how do I use toupper(ch) to recognize lowercase input and convert it to th...
[4 replies] Last: Note that in C++ toupper() should be used like this: static_cast<ch... (by seeplus)
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