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Exercices of C++ Book.
Hello there!. Could not compile with error: root@supernova-MacBookPro:/home/supernova/Desktop/Impetus/Prog/Nov# g++ GradeBook.cpp -o GradeBookcpp /usr/bin/ld:...
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by dhinze
"blank" must return a value?
I am creating a story based program but having an error? When I compile I am getting a "middle" must return a value error. How can I fix this? main.cpp file ...
[1 reply] : function middle, of type string, must return a string. or, you can ma... (by jonnin)
Override specifier
Hi can you help me to fix the error in Invoice class .h - " dt Unknown override specifier" I think its something in Invoice.h file when i declarate "Date dt",...
[1 reply] : One thing I see is that your Invoice.h #includes Date.h, but your Date... (by Ganado)
getpid () pit_t
This a small progam to print the process ID I got this result The process id: 165949 which process is this ? As I know is the getpid() is to return th...
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C++ structure program that returns student information from file
I have an unfinished program for homework, the main issue is I am not sure how to make a function that returns the average of an array of test scores and homewo...
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Map with classes
Hello, I don't know how to output the map in class Running code] class Athlete { std::string name, country; int year; public: Athlete...
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by BigTim
Multiple variables in one equation
Ok so I'm working with parrel arrays and I'm needing to calculate how many points are needed for each grade with the numberOfPoints array while doing it in one ...
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by Harlee
Good old hangman
Hello and thank you for your time to possibly help me with this. I have scoured the internet and books and forums but this version of Hangman seems to be differ...
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C++ Menu using loops
Hello all. I'm having a hard time with my menu, as we have only just begun to learn loops. I tried to find what I specifically needed before I decided to create...
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Converting a string to an integer
Trying to convert a username into how many characters it is (ie the name Bob = 3) to do further calculation further down to multiply by age. I feel Im so close ...
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by tapni
Strings C++ (1,2)
There are two strings with dynamic size. It's needed to write a function which returns true if these strings have at least one same character and false if they ...
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by MeiMei
Please help me (Shortest path - recursion)
The question ask me to search for the shortest path to reach the target point. The fully runnable code and a map.txt with test case are in the comment. HW requ...
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c++ HW Program that creates a linked list
Prompt: Problem 3: Linked List (35 Points) Using the Linked List program we did in class (or video) as an example write a program that creates another linked l...
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by ICantC
Reading text from a file
I have a text adventure game in ANSI C that is trying to load a text file containing the area description from a .txt file into a heap allocated buffer, which i...
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Header and object oriented programming
Hello all! I am quite new to C++ and very new to object oriented programming and setting up headers and specific classes. I am try to figure out the Area and Pe...
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Print map - help
I dont get it how can i print this map to look like Invoice with stock object in it I have to make class Invoice witch must contain map with key value clas...
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trying to make a simple console text editor
hi, i'm new here, and i have been trying to make a text editor on c++ since yesterday, because i'm having an issue: when i open the file, the contents of it ar...
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by jeyc
how to access and use user input variables into another function
Hello, I'm new to c++ I'm trying to create a reservation system for my school project. My question is how do I can access variables from other functions because...
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error: 'else' without a previous 'if'
error: 'else' without a previous 'if' even if there is a if statement, please tell me how to fix it :')) #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main(...
[1 reply] : the code you posted compiles. however, the else is all wrong. -> el... (by jonnin)
Please help me modify this program, assignment is due tonight at midnight
C++ Modify existing program Step 1 2Add to code that after each hand of the game, ask the user if he/she wants to play another hand or not. If a ‘y’ i...
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