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Use of bottom up heap construction for sorting
Given the word “banana” and you are supposed to use the bottom up heap construction to do the so...
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Calculation problems
Am working on an addition program. On my program am trying to figure out the reason behind a scenari...
[1 reply] : // set the floating point output format to fixed a format, // and ze... (by JLBorges)
A problem
I tried to make a console app that reads every character and it gives u it type I'm using visual st...
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by Amin96
in dare need for help
a new mall center wants to encourage their costumers to buy more. write a program that help it to ap...
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Backbround music for console game
Hello, it's me again, so I tried to find a way to play music while the program still running I sear...
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Random choice for game bot
Hi guys, so my homework is to make a tic-tac-toe game, and when I was trying to make a bot to play a...
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Help with assignment
Write your question here. New to C++ and have an assignment to complete, running short on time and ...
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by tapni
Bool function
A function determineLetter should return true if there is only one of "abcdefxyz" letter. But it on...
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Program to create a count based on users input
Hello everyone, I am working on a programming assignment for a beginner C++ course I am taking. In...
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by Ivanka
void *writeloop(void *arg) {}
What is the point here passing argument as a pointer to pointer function? void *writeloop(vo...
[3 replies] Last: pthread is code from before c++ got its threading tools. If I remembe... (by jonnin)
Using sequences for a matrix to add and subtract
I'm trying to use a set of sequences to add and subtract a matrix that is loaded into the program fr...
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3 Log in attempts
I was trying to do a 3 login attempt system. Whenever I try to run the code, it says there is no mat...
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error compiling on macbook terminal
I encountered the following error message when I try to compile using g++ on my macbook terminal U...
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by dhinze
Function does not take 0 arguments error
Hello I am creating a program that uses selection sort, bubble sort, sequential search, and binary s...
[3 replies] Last: would fix this issue Probably not - you appear to have int main()... (by lastchance)
by Ch1156
Countdown timer using chrono
I would like to create a countdown timer, and my attempt isnt working. I think im close but it doesn...
[13 replies] Last: That is much for better general purpose. It can still 'oversleep' a t... (by jonnin)
by Mif
Debug Assertion Failed ! Can someone help me understand what am i doing wrong ? 'C' language
Hello.. I get this error message while my game (program) is running. Is not happening all the time.....
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C++ Book Exercices
Hello there!. Could not compile with error: root@supernova-MacBookPro:/home/supernova/Desktop/Imp...
[7 replies] Last: .h line 11: The declaration for your constructor accepts only a singl... (by AbstractionAnon)
Vectors giving me trouble (string and double)
Hello! I am working on vectors and my program is giving me problems. This is the specification: A...
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I know where the problem is but I can't fix it.
Hello, basically I've been given a task where a user inputs a number (seconds) and you need to calcu...
[1 reply] : You should probably rethink you're approach to this. Having the hardco... (by zapshe)
Find the product
This is currently what I am working on and hopefully you can follow. I am trying to make sure the pr...
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