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by jabeh
how to make class and object methods but still output the same. //include the neccessary hea...
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by Paul5
Problem in File handling and 2D array
Task1: Construct a program to load all unique words of a specific file in an array and display the...
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Do while loop prints only one number instead of 10
I put the condition that until x is equal to -10 keep on decrementing. Why does the code only displa...
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Read Files
Looking for help on this assignment cause i'm new to c++. Can anyone help me out with figuring this ...
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by nodoz
virtual functions
if I make a virtual function in the base class it does not seem to matter if the derived classes hav...
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Completely lost
My task is to define a function that accepts i as as an argument to compute the following summation,...
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by chipp
const variable syntax (1,2,3)
i just read a code with different declaration of const , e.g.: int const* num1; int const* c...
[52 replies] Last: const does not do anything actively, to my knowledge. - it lets the c... (by jonnin)
Associative array map with key
Hello guys, can you help me with this struggle. CPP program I have to create a Invoice class who ha...
[3 replies] Last: As a starter, perhaps consider: #include <string> #include <iostrea... (by seeplus)
Placing Functions inside class vs outside
I see that a function can be coded directly in side a class--or--a model/header can be defined insid...
[3 replies] Last: One caveat is that it can make a difference if you don't have LTO (L... (by Ganado)
Secant Method error in code
Need some help with a code I am writing for school, its almost working but i've got an error on line...
[4 replies] Last: span a root? Realistically, your method is only going to work if f(x... (by lastchance)
Passing pointer to an array into a function
I'm an experienced coder but relatively new to C++. I took a C course maybe 35 years ago but have wo...
[5 replies] Last: You can also pass by templated reference: #include <iostream> temp... (by seeplus)
problem linked list.
Hi guys, so here is my task : Write a program that creates a simple linked list of N integers taken...
[2 replies] Last: You first need to open the file std::ifstream ifs("INPUT.txt"); if ... (by seeplus)
Divination Calendar/I-Ching Program
I am using I-Ching/Mayan(Tzolkin) calendar ,on this calendar each day the entire set up get changed ...
[1 reply] : I see a<10,b<17 as a potential problem. You may read more about C++ ... (by kevinkjt2000)
by Vladek
Columnar transposition in C++ (1,2)
I found this code on the Internet together with a movie, where it is shown how it works (and on the ...
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Can't bubble sort char 2d array, gets segmentation fault 11
So I get segmentation fault 11 if i try to use bubble sort on this 2d char array. It should read a ...
[8 replies] Last: change to int i = 0; and int j= 1; type initialization then. You nee... (by jonnin)
Hi can someone help me with this? I'm sorry I don't really understand this. Given a string consis...
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if ( ) + side effects
Hi together, in a book I came across examples that demonstrate the behavior of if-structures when t...
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Can't fill in 2d array from comma-delimited text file
So basically my text file looks like this: Rico, Suave Erden, Alperen Mac, Crip Migos, Quavo I...
[6 replies] Last: They are actually delimited with comma and then a space. @OP How is... (by againtry)
If else
How i make the code to read all the conditions before making decision if ((S1 == S2) || (S1 == S3...
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Formatting Question!
How would you go about creating a grid like this? ------------------------------------------------...
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