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Runtime Error - Codewars - Mumbling - C++ (Newbie)
Hi, I'm just starting to teach myself C++ and using Codewars to gain some experience. I'm really stuck on a runtime error I got yesterday. My code appears...
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Array accessibility in class environment
Array accessibility, in class environment. During my book progress, i have little less examples for array/vectors with constructor. In case if I have Header...
[11 replies] Last: ^^^ something like that. the idea is that your object would suppor... (by jonnin)
projects for beginners
as the title says I want suggestions for projects, I've already done a calculator(using shunting yard), what should I do next in order to advance?
[7 replies] Last: I like monster projects that can grow as I learn. If you want a proje... (by newbieg)
by alexas
C++ > OpenGl animation of vector data
Hello Looking for some good ideas for the problem below. Currently I have a lot of data that is being manipulated and stored in the final std::vector (cuboids w...
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Vector issues
My book is missing syntax for classes with vectors. Please advise how to convert my code from array to vector. #include <string> #include <array> #i...
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by vboro
How to make difference between parent and child class?
Hi! I recently got a task where I must create a vector class (SoccerTeam) for another class's pointers called SoccerPlayer. I also have twho children from Socc...
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ShellExecute does not work (1,2)
Hi, I have my code where I just want to access a websearch automatically with a program. For that I have this code, that apparently works well for other people...
[24 replies] Last: FINISHED Here is my code: #include <windows.h> #include <shellapi.h>... (by Mustermann)
Solve my Error
I got this error ISO C++ forbids comparison between pointer and integer [-fpermissive] #include <stdio.h> int main() { int i ; int r = 4; ...
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by aida1
array of linkedlist
hello friends! I have one array of linked list that Sorted in ascending order.i want to my program get a number and search in array of linked list and answer to...
[8 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <list> #include <array> #include <algori... (by JLBorges)
how do I evaluate rpn?
as the title says, what is a way to evaluate rpn- eg this statement(5, 5, 54, /, +,) how would I evaluate it into an answer? no need figured it out
[5 replies] Last: oh @mbozzi, i h already did it, i was just replying to the guy after I... (by codinglexernewbie)
Read .csv file with 365 columns and 5000 rows
Hi, I am trying to write a function that reads information from a .csv file. I find this very difficult in c++ especially if the format is dynamic. Please ...
[3 replies] Last: Yeah, my compiler is 2017 and it only uses the _s functions. I put to... (by jjardin61)
Space Shooter game
Hello. I need some help with a game I am making. Its called space shooter. Basically aliens move downwards and our space ship moves vertically in the last row. ...
[11 replies] Last: @SubZeroWins I don't think they are the virtual keys being used in th... (by whitenite1)
i keep getting Process returned -1073741819 (0xC0000005) whats the reason? (1,2)
fixed version: #include <cmath> #include <stack> #include<queue> #include <iostream> #include <regex> #include <vecto...
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Returning Objects
Hi, im new on OOP paradigm. Im trying to do I/O Modules for strings, and other for a stack ADT. My idea is to create an empty object, call the Input instructi...
[3 replies] Last: > std::string string; > string = Input(string); Something like th... (by JLBorges)
Switches and sub menus outputs are out of control
I tried to make a simple switch for practice such as making case 3 as the sub menu . After I exit the sub menu of case 3, case 4 output suddenly undesired to ap...
[14 replies] Last: You don't need the goto - these are best avoided. Because submenu is d... (by seeplus)
Const issues
Hi folks! How can i amend following code, to make Input function work in this context. It works well from main function, but i would want to make it accessib...
[1 reply] : Just Deleted const qualifiers from three functions from header, it wo... (by impetus)
help with old code - error: expected ')'
this is an old code i found online, that gives an example C++ code on compound interest. I have problem compiling it to run. Compiler gives the followin...
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Require to fix the else output repeating more than once of for statement
Tried to make a search record for any number and here is what I want to do: 1. given there are numbers between 999, 111 and 12, make a simple search function fo...
[11 replies] Last: Ok I fixed it and it worked Thanks guys (by s021623)
by janac
Errer passing an interator to a function
What am I missing about passing an iterator to a function? I'm getting this error: message : A non-const reference may only be bound to an lvalue message...
[8 replies] Last: Thanks, I understand. (by janac)
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