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is this ok as a less than operator for a map?
[code]struct MyType { std::size_t layerPos = 0 ; std::size_t posInLayer = 0 ; std::size_...

keep getting error
> violating a suggested guideline It is a rule; not a mere guideline ("shall not be used" as per th...

keep getting error
> [code]inline void [b]_pause[/b]() { ...[/code] [quote]some identifiers are reserved for use by C+...

print the content of your program's source file to console, without user inputting the file name or giving it in source.
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(c++ stl thread) what happen when constructing threads without join() or detach()?
> Q1: what is the (possible) result of this program and why? > Q2: what is the {possible) result of ...