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GetConsoleOriginalTitle() - Returning Blank Chars
> I cannot get the char array called title to print. It just prints blank. Try this: [code]#include...

About the return value of (b, c)
> It seems that the code is equivalent to [tt]a = c;[/tt] Yes. In [tt](b,c)[/tt], [tt]b[/tt] is (ev...

Assigning derived class of new-array failes
Class [tt]Entity[tt] should have a virtual destructor. [quote]Deleting an object through pointer t...

GetConsoleOriginalTitle() - Returning Blank Chars
To get the handle of the window used by the console, use [tt]GetConsoleWindow()[/tt] https://docs.mi...

C++ Program to Convert Number in Character
cppreference (see table 'The following format specifiers are available:') Since C++11: Length Modifi...