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C-array as function parameter
> With C++20 you'd pass a 1-d c-style array as a std::span type Ideally, in a const-correct manner:...

How to improve C++ Program?
[code]#include <iostream> enum class power_message { A = 0xE0, B = 0x00, C = 0xA0 }; std::ostream&...

Question 5 about optimization
> Uninitialized variables are a big source of bugs Yes; but incorrectly initialised variables are ...

Need g++ all compilation work files in some location
The location and the names of auxiliary and dump outputs can be adjusted by the options -dumpbase, -...

I want to only compile not compile and link
[tt]g++ -std=c++20 -O3 -Wall -Wextra -pedantic-errors [b]-c[/b] file.cpp[/tt] [quote][b]-c[/b] Comp...