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Please help, simple operators problem
Can you please explain the code below? I am mostly confused about the "if" part. If there is no argument (eg. 5<8) in the if, how can it run/what does it do? ...
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by jeyc
Where to put break; due to user invalid input
Hello I'm new to c++, I'm creating a reservation system for my school project this is kinda a dumb question where should I put break; due to user invalid input....
[2 replies] Last: typically you don't break. input validation is usually do prompt ge... (by jonnin)
Can't make out error in function
I'm having trouble trying to figure out why the function displayResults is not resolving. I'm trying to pass a bool value and user input into it. All the func...
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ADT and Linked List implementation using C++
Hello! Can someone help me? I have made a framework but I have no idea from where should I take a start? For above mentioned scenario I design C++ a program to...
[4 replies] Last: where should I take(sic) a start Well, @OP here is how I would make ... (by againtry)
C++ Program using structures to create a basic ID
I just now started learning structures and I have my program working, but how can I improve it so it incorporates eye color (using enumerated types), and full s...
[1 reply] : Enum <---> string is a pain. But if you must, you need functions to co... (by Duthomhas)
C Programming - Multithreading Conversion
Hi I want some help, for having multithreading support I want to edit the program. The problem is below: I had circuit-satisfactory program that would operate,...
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PLEASE HELP URGENT C++ #assignment
Write a program to print tree structure by using loop by choice. x xx xxx ...
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Boolean function not evaluating correctly.
I'm trying to create a vector of strings from a text file. Then compare user input to the vector. It is not evaluating correctly and always returning a false ...
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Only outputting whole numbers
So i need to generate a 4 digit number that is a perfect square number and also divisible by 63. Im getting confused as to where I work out the square root ...
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by BigTim
Using multiple functions to grade and average scores
Ok, so I've been working on this program for most of the day and I'm a bit tired but this program has me stumped. It's a bit of a read but for this assignment, ...
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by Ganado
Solved (1,2)
Hello Windsen, you are more likely to get help if you show what efforts you have made so far in the assignment. And the more specific your questions, the bette...
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by dhinze
Removing and renaming a file
I am creating a program which allows a user to enter and store various data about a pet. Case 3 should allow the user to delete a pet from the file, however the...
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Another Relocation Truncated Error
Any help with this? I'm just trying to build from source on Sailfish OS. Program is Ckermit. Output is make : Entering directory '/home/defaul tuser/ckerm...
[15 replies] Last: I wonder of the issue is with my GCC... I'll mess around more. Thanks (by levone1)
Please Help My HW
Take input positive and negative both numbers from the user and Write a program to find the sum of only positive numbers using while loop.
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C++ Race Car Homework Problem
Hi! Hope everyone is fine. I am student of C++ and for intro to C++ subject ,I am doing some work on homework problem. I am facing a problem at the end of th...
[3 replies] Last: // Thanks to furry guy for this #include <iostream> #include <cctyp... (by AbstractionAnon)
I have to write a program that determines whether the user’s input qualifies as a valid C++ identifier. You prompt the user to input an identifier and press e...
[2 replies] Last: Well the first question is do you know the rules for a valid C++ ident... (by seeplus)
Declaring streams in header and cpp file
Hello ! I want to mention 2 stream for input and output , normally I have an idea about its use but now I am going to perform it in class, now I am facing err...
[2 replies] Last: You don't use L3/L14. L4 opens the file for output. There is a problem... (by seeplus)
by dhinze
How to fix transfer of control bypass initialization of error?
I am creating a program where you input different data for pets. It uses a menu system with switch statements. However upon compiling I get the transfer of cont...
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by dhinze
Storing data in text file
I am creating a program that writes data about a pet to a text file. However this data is not getting written to the pet.txt file. What am I doing wrong? ...
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C Programming - Multithreading Conversion
Hi I want some help, for having multithreading support I want to edit the program. The problem is below: I had circuit-satisfactory program that would operate,...
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