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Class Not Being Recognized/Won't Declare Objects
I created a class 'Rectangle' under the header file 'Rectangle.h' as part of a build that I am doing. However, when I try and declare an object 'box' using that...
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Make a search record for string of the array (1,2)
I tried to make a search input record of words based on a string and I couldnt figure it out. Here is what I want to make a search record as I describe: "Once...
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initializing vector of lists with already initialised lists
I wonder if I can shorten the code by someway initializing the vector of lists with predefined lists already in the same initialization (sorry if my question is...
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by Amin96
need help in counting the elements
how to make it count the even digits. and am I doing anything wrong ? Scanner input = new Scanner (; int n; int even = 0; System.out.pri...
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Need help with C++ compile/linker
Hi, Basic lack of knowledge problem I installed gmp on my Raspberry pi and am having trouble getting an executable. Here's what I've done.... Raspberry ...
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How do i access a member in a structer that has an array?
[Im not sure how to access my members that have arrays. Ive tried for loops and every other way I know how but soon as i add the members with arrays to the func...
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by Ganado
Homework assignment help (easy task)
What have you tried so far?
[1 reply] : #include <iostream> #include <valarray> using namespace std; int max... (by lastchance)
Game of Life combined from several grids
I am experimenting with various implementations of Game of Life algorithms. Currently I want to implement it in such way: - using int and storing 8x8 grid va...
[12 replies] Last: Just in your line 13 I believe should be N/8, not N. D'oh. You are r... (by kigar64551)
The while loop is adding values
Hi all, I'm creating a dice game where I want the user reach limit of 10 game or game terminates when there is no more money left. it seems that most of ...
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I am getting Build Failed error
PLEASE learn to use code tags, they make reading and commenting on source code MUCH easier. http://www.cplusplus.c...
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Linked List Trouble
I'm having trouble displaying this linked list I'm trying to build. I have 2 functions so far to append and print. But all it is returning is a single 0. ...
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C++ Program Help
Write C++ Console Application program that calculates a worker’s net earnings per week. The net earnings are calculated based on the following requirements: ...
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How to find the size of a char array
I want to have a char array and work with every letter separately. How do i check how many letters a char array has? I thought sizeof(name)/sizeof(name ) would...
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Problem for School Activity Switch Statement
Write your question here.. Greetings! I am student taking up a course in c++ programming, and i have an activity where in i need to solve this problem : Co...
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Tracking User Input Using an Array
This is my code for using an array to track user input into a menu switch and sending the data to a .txt outfile. Thank you to all of those who helped with this...
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Create Hand from Deck class without creating new deck object each time a hand is made
I am creating a Black Jack card game. What I am trying to do is create a hand from a deck object without creating a new deck each time I create a hand. I just w...
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Function not operating
My function for the "getbasefees" is not running correctly. When I run my program the only output is the else statement, or "200". What do I need to fix to get ...
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by mnm71
Get Two's complement of double
How can I calculate two's complement of c1? double c1 = (ADC_CH1 << 16 | ADC_CH1 << 8 | ADC_CH1 );
[1 reply] : "Two's complement" can mean two things: 1. The binary format in whi... (by kigar64551)
Hi, folks! I just stuck with book exercise. Here is exercise: 8.4 For each of the following, write a single statement that performs the specified task. Assume...
[1 reply] : No idea what you're asking. What statements and what function? (by zapshe)
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