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Declaring interdependent classes
Don't define the function inline with the class definition. You can only use a reference (i.e. call ...

Declaring interdependent classes
[quote] Why does it need to be in the initializer list?[/quote]Because once you're in the body of th...

Declaring interdependent classes
It's not clear why you're keeping a reference to PflPowerMax in PointElementMax. I assume there is c...

Trying to print one digit at a time using a specific algorithm
number % 10 gets you the 1s place. So if you combine % and /, you can get each digit (but this is a...

No suitable constructor exists to convert from 'int' to 'Uint64' (user-defined type)
That would have the same problem, since it's just a typedef, no? (Very strong chance I'm wrong; I'm ...