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by Mr Z
Class prototype and definition
Two-part question. Both of these seem to work and I prefer the last one, can either be used in professional programs? virtual void DoubleValue() const; ...
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The Trie data structure
I'm trying to digest the code from this site: I'm currently stuck near the beginning: ...
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HELP - Menu won't function
I have a project for c++ and I am having a hard time getting the menu to work. I have tried so many things and I just can't get it! I would really appreciate a...
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How to Implement Rule
I have this project where we have to take a rule off of this website and calculate the number of points for each Column an...
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Get Only Function
I have this project where we have to take a rule off of this website and calculate the number of points for each Column an...
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by janac
iterators, last vs end
When I run the code below, I get this error: Expression: cannot dereference end map/set iterator I'm confused about the meaning of last versus end, or d...
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Implementation of Threads
There is a program that I am doing on a Parking system in which, I want to implement a background thread that reads data from a file and gives a real-time outpu...
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Unable to play sound asynchronously in webcam opencv c++ (LINUX)
Im trying to play a sound in C++ opencv webcam. What I have tried : Webcam in opencv,C++. It play a wav file but since ive added "&" , therefore it keeps pla...
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better way to print out returned vector?
My fundamentals are still shaky and i need advice on better/simpler ways to print out the results. with reference to code below twoSum returns v, which is ...
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Overloading << Operator
I'm studying how to overload the << Operator, as template function at global scope, so I can print elements of the vector by iterating one by one. it's one o...
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Overloading () operator
I am pretty sure this is a beginner question. However, all my google searches failed me. So, here I am. To begin, let's say, I have a few function like, t...
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by john98
function does not return the value
i just started coding in c++. i wrote a function to approximate pi value in monte carlo method but it does not return the value. #define _USE_MATH_DEFINES ...
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First Project, Output calculation is very wrong
hello I've decided to start coding my first project and I've chosen a currency converter. It seems to be working in regards to no errors, but somewhere along...
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by emcp
unsure how to reference my new Factory properly
Hi , I am trying to leverage a project which implements connection pooling.. and customizing it for a custom connection type source
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I Have No Clue What I'm Doing
Fair Warning, this question is a beginner crap fest. My code is completely nonfunctional due to my general lack of knowledge. Please just skip if this seems...
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by guack
's_size' is not a type
#include <SFML/Graphics.hpp> #include <SFML/System.hpp> #include <SFML/Window.hpp> #include <iostream> class Snake{ int length = 1; fl...
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by pixi
Protecting files on a CD
I am new to C++. I have created a ppt application that uses mp3 sound files and jpg images. Can I use C++ to create something like a container on a CD that wo...
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Calculator problem
Write your question here. Why isn't my code going through any other of the if else, it only does if then cuts 0ff and gives me the answer for that [int main(...
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Not compiling properly using G++
I was trying to compile this using my mac terminal g++ -std=c++20 Recursion.cpp and i'm getting the following error Undefined symbols for architectur...
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Advice for reading and writing files
I am wondering if it is possible to read in values from a previous text file that has a string (one word) and an integer(example: Lima 77) on each line, and the...
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