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Write C++ Console Application program that calculates a worker’s net earnings per week. The net earnings are calculated based on the following requirements:
1) Worker’s hourly wage is requested and entered
2) Hours worked for each of the five working days per week are entered using a loop
3) Total hours worked per week are calculated
4) If the hours worked are less than or equal to 40, the net earning is calculated by simply
multiplying the hourly wage by the number of hours worked per week [ total_hours
worked X hourly_wage].
5) If the hours worked are more than 40, 40 hours are paid at regular rate, and the hours in excess of 40 will be paid at hour and half (overtime) rate. The total earning will then be the regular pay plus the overtime. [Regular_pay + (total_hours_worked – 40) x (1.5 X hourly_wage)]
The program should display the following: 1) Hourly wage
2) Total hours per week worked
3) Total pay
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and your c++ question is? What help are you after? Have you already produced a program design from which to code the program?
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