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I am student taking up a course in c++ programming, and i have an activity where in i need to solve this problem :

Consider the table below:

Course # and Year Level Tuition Fee per Unit Miscellaneous Fee
A - BSA 1 324.65 4545.77
2 456.32 5664.65
3 432.76 3565.78
4 345.76 5645.76
B - BSIT 1 546.76 3453.67
2 657.89 5656.78
3 767.90 6577.78
4 665.87 4564.78
O - Other
Courses All level 565.78 7656.78

Write a C++ program the will ask the user input course #, year level, number of units enrolled, then compute and display the amount to pay. Use switch statement.

I tried my best to solved this problem but I messed up.Please help me. Thank you!

show us the messed up code, we can't help fix what we can't see.
Write a C++ program

So you did write code to do the assignment.

We can't help you until you share that code with us. We aren't mind readers, our crystal balls aren't working.

And when you share the code:
PLEASE learn to use code tags, they make reading and commenting on source code MUCH easier.

HINT: you can edit your post and add code tags.

Some formatting & indentation would not hurt either
What's messed up? Are you reading the file OK - display what's been read to check? If not, can you read one course OK? One Unit data OK? What debugging of your code have you done to try to find out where is the problem? Does your code follow your program design?

We can't offer much more help without first seeing your code.
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