ADT and Linked List implementation using C++

Hello! Can someone help me? I have made a framework but I have no idea from where should I take a start?
For above mentioned scenario I design C++ a program to help lecturer. Perform essential functions to design authentic array of student ID number, evaluation , also include obtained marks detail.
The way of output will be like:
1. New Student addition
2. Update Evaluation
3. Obtained Mark Summary
4. Obtained Mark Summary (Save to file)
5. Exit
(new student addition)
Add student ID:
Evaluation Menu:
1. Quiz
2. Assignment
3. Mid Term Exam
4. Lab practice
Select option: 1 (example)
Add Quiz mark (40) = 24.0
% of Quiz is 9.00%

Add another evaluation [Y/N]: N

Total marks will be from 40,not sure about this

(Carry Mark detail)
1. Single
2. All students
3. Highest mark

Add Student ID: CS1111111

Obtained Mark Details
Student ID: CS1111111
Assignment: %
Quiz: %

Mid Term exam: %
Lab practice: Not available
Total obtained Mark: In percentage

summery ends.
(Obtained Mark detail (Save to file)
Add File Name: CM_11July2017
File CM_11July2017.
Will be pleased if someone helps me. Thanks
What have you attempted so far? What are you having a problem with? Post your current code so that we can advise on the code. We don't write programs from scratch for you.
On abstract level, what data will your program handle? Unknown number of students?

What data does one student have? ID and four marks?
Does each of the four marks (quiz, assign., mid, and lab) have zero or one value, or could they have more than one value?

No matter what a student has, doesn't it look like you will have set of students?
You want to insert new students and you want to find existing student by ID.
A set .. a list?
Lilyava wrote:
I have no idea from where should I take a start?

Well, writing code would be the first step.

2nd step would be to post here, using code tags, the code you've written.
PLEASE learn to use code tags, they make reading and commenting on source code MUCH easier.

HINT: you can edit your post and add code tags.

Some formatting & indentation would not hurt either

3rd step would be what issues you are having with the code. Doesn't compile? Give us the EXACT errors.

Step ZERO: Don't just dump your assignment here and expect us to write the program code for you, for free.
where should I take(sic) a start

Well, @OP here is how I would make a start. It is in 3 simple steps after I have read the assignment question as follows:

1. ADT - abstract data type - ie a Student data type. I would find out what that means. Here's a clue, 'struct'
2. Linked list - I would find out what that means too. This is a very basic but important to know, DIY (that's 'do it yourself vs OTS 'off-the-shelf') container for multiple Students. There are plenty of examples available if you surf around the web. You can start with a linked list of int's and extend that idea to one using Student's. same principle with a small amount of specialisation.
3. Put those 2 steps together and build up, step by step, testing as you go, the functionality required in the assignment.

There you go. That's how most people would do it.

Let your next question be something like "I have an answer and code (in tags) related to step 1, my question is ..."

Good luck with step 1. Remember - small steps :)
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