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May memory leak in vector<>?
I am confused about the memory mechanism in cpp, here is a example. { vector<A> a = {A("object1"), A("object2")}; a .print(); a = A("object3"); }...
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by Cplusc
Hello everyone. I am writing a finite element code and I want my code works for both 2d and 3d applications. I am writing the code using OOP method and I have s...
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Compiler errors in C++ code
Hi All Any idea what is wrong in the below code ? #include <iostream> using namespace std; class SomeClass{ protected: int data; f...
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Help in Recursion
I'm having difficulties in understanding the logic regarding the recursion? Can someone help me explain how do I get an output of 7 in it? #include <iostream>...
[1 reply] : It actually adds the digits. In this example 0 + 0 + 5 + 2 = 7 This ... (by coder777)
How to use members of class
So I have a program written using structs now I want to which it over to a class contacts .duration = contacts .end - contacts .start if(infile.is_open(...
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c++ output choice
I recently took c++ multiple choice test and below questions are always confusing me. Any inputs? Question1: which of lines of code substituted for occurenc...
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Compiler optimization question
Can anyone help me explain why one a compiler might perform the following optimization. Assuming all variables are declared and initialized appropriately. ...
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Recursive Problem Help
Hello guys, I just need some help with the code below. I just need to fix it by successfully printing the expected output below. My output: 123456789101112 Ex...
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Virtual memory paging page replacement?
With regard to virtual memory paging page replacement, can anyone explain to me why referenced but not 'modified' pages might be replaced before referenced and ...
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C++ Code issue
Hi All I am stuck with the below C++ Compiler errors. Any suggestions? #include <iostream> using namespace std; class XXX{ public: int...
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lvalue rvalue returns.
Cam I write a member method called Dereference which will do both these s.Dereference() -> prints the value of the variable. s.Dereference()=4.9 -> sets ...
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Puzzled by Debug Assertion
I'm getting Debug Assertion Failed [File and line equivalent to snippet line 36] Expression: Vector erase iterator outside range This snippet is no...
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What would be an appropriate application for static partitioning?
I know that static partitioning is used for Predetermined, fixed sized, unchanging memory blocks, process(es) start initially and stay in the system, that new p...
[1 reply] : What is your answer and reasoning? (by AbstractionAnon)
Scheduling systems: batch vs preemptive
I'm having trouble understanding the thorough differences between the two, but I know it is in the following: For Batch: -Processes are preempted in order t...
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What does this program do? Can someone kindly shed some light on this for me please.
#include <iostream> #include <iomanip> #include <random> #include <array> #include <ctime> using namespace std; unsigned int rollDice(...
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What does this program do? Can someone kindly shed some light on this for me please.
#include <iostream> #include <array> using namespace std; const size_t arraySize{10}; int whatIsThis(const array<int, arraySize>&, size_t); //...
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template class with .inl logic
How can I create and implement a template class with *.inl implementation in c++ using vs 2019? I also need the steps to compile it as well.
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Scripting language for level creation
I'm an OpenGL C++ programmer writing astronomy-physics simulators such as Kerbal. My website is I'm completely unfamiliar with commercialscri...
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by jreef
Help with nan issue
I'm smoothing position data read in from an external source then executing a finite difference to get velocity... I am also smoothing both results. The smoothin...
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