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vector push_back passing size from 0 to overflow
Not enough information. elements, attribute, value, _arguments are not defined. Please supply a smal...

Can you give me an example of parametric polymorphism
Here's what CoPilot has to say: [quote] Certainly! In C++, parametric polymorphism is achieved using...

Turn-based Card Game Feature: Out-of-turn Trade Request
As I see it, you have three choices ( order of difficulty) 1) The simplest is to have a single inp...

Constructor for derived class
Your constructor needs to be: [code] #include "Arduino.h" #include "NTPClient.h" #include "MYNPT.h" ...

Threading implementation using setjmp.h
[quote]If the I/O thread makes an I/O request via a system call such as write or read, the process m...