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could someone help me with this portion // Add 2 sorts of your own. Document which sort you implemented // <add code> Add your first sort algorithm in here vo...
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by tapni
Edit* There are two strings with dynamic size. It's needed to write a function which returns true if these strings have at least one same character and false ...
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by Kmpck
Gcc compiling when a header has macros
Hi guys! I am having trouble compiling using gcc with a header in my code has a few macros. Is there a way to do this? Here is my line gcc -lglfw "x:/Docume...
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Need help with standalone app using VS
I need to make a standalone .EXE file from visual studio 2019 that needs to be deployed or installed on a new machine that does not have Visual Studio or any C/...
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could someone explain how this would display 1 enum Season {Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter} favoriteSeason; favoriteSeason = Summer; cout << favoriteSeason...
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Pulling data from website
I am trying to get stock data from a website. Is there a way to do this with boost?
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by tapni
Can't compile the program
Task: Write a function that finds the longest decreasing sequence in an integer array. And apply this function to three kinds of arrays in main. 1. An array o...
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Could Someone help. I need to extend my Restauraunt menu to include functions and a do while loop
Below are the instructions and below that is my code..... Im having trouble adding functions to my switch statements.. Confused on how to pass the value for add...
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Problem : The cost of long distance call is based on its destination and time of the day call was made, as well as the duration of the call. The rat...
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what is option --no-undefined
what is meaning of option: --no-undefined Do not allow unresolved references in object files if not used ? How is the binary release h...
[1 reply] : Allowing unresolved symbols is a "normal" behavior, where compiled cod... (by mbozzi)
by EmanCS
Reading txt file(different number in each line) and store in a vector
I have a text file that contains 40 lines Each line contains different number of integers. For example: 17 18 20 33 41 44 50 55 60 66 Is is possible to...
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Smart assert library
Good day! :3 There is this beautiful tests library: It implements some dark magic and can parse REQUIRE statement: TEST_CA...
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Windown type pane
Hi, How to get the title of window in language c++ , where type is pane? Thanks
[1 reply] : What operating system (or window manager if *nix)? Edit: I see from t... (by Ganado)
Working of std::map<t1, t2>::erase(iterator position)?
I read on that the operation to delete an element in a std::map by passing the iterator as argument is constant time. If I am not wrong(and ple...
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Should I use if statements or a hashmap (std::map / std::unsorted_map)?
I am making a scripting language in C++ and I want to call functions when I hit keywords, so I want to know before I make big changes, should I use if statement...
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C++ DLL Dependency
I recently started learning coding in c++ after I learned (not too much experience) c. I have the code::blocks IDE and mingw compiler. I have seen that the comp...
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Why is the random generator not randomly generating a number between 1 and 2
I am working on a coin toss program. When I run this code, it returns 2, 100 times. Why is not randomly returning 1's and 2's? (Thank you for helping me? ...
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remove goto
Does everyone know I can replace goto in this code? int main() { string plainText, left,right, ap="", ke, passKey, rightTerm; string plainTextBl...
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vectors and arrays - connect 3 game (1,2,3)
Looking for help on this assignment..New to c++ and looking to see if what I have is "good" code or if should take a different route as well as how to do that ...
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Writting in a saved File.
Hi, I have a text file with some saved lines. I want to add a new line to the file, after each compilation of my code. I need to keep the previous data. But ...
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