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no operator "=" matches these operands
i keep going in circles with this lol. i need to create an if else loop, but the if statement is com...
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by sarvcr
Adding objects with a loop
Hi! I'm coding a program where I have to classes: Libro and ColeccionLibros. I want the class Libro ...
[1 reply] : This seems to work. #include <iostream> #include <sstream> using nam... (by salem c)
Any comments on my program?
I wrote a complete C++ program that will ask the user to enter a number between 1 and 3. The program...
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by chipp
std::size() and sizeof()
i wanna ask, why std::size() and sizeof() results for array is different while std::size() is said a...
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Confused on how to declare formulas
Given two integers, say a and b, the maximum and minimum can be determined with the following formul...
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Drawing Multiple Items in OpenGL
I am trying to draw multiple items in a Scene in OpenGL. I've set the model matrix, but I'm confused...
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by hbcpp
no type named ‘iterator_category’ in ‘struct std::iterator_traits<std::__cxx11::basic_string<char> >’
Environment: Linux Mint 20.1, Code::Blocks, gcc 10.3.0 I am trying to copy files with some copy_opt...
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pointer to pointer , confusion
below code -> ent is a class , modulebase is of type uintptr_t. i understand whats happening here ...
[1 reply] : In both cases, you're: - generating a temporary pointer of type uint... (by MikeyBoy)
by saam
Write a pseudocode function called RecursiveFind, which is a recursive implementation of the functio...
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Best practice for a class member that is the product of 2 other class members
Hi, let's say I have a class that uses a rectangle's area, but the user cannot set the area as a set...
[4 replies] Last: > As rectangle is using exceptions, wouldn't main() have a try/catch c... (by JLBorges)
Ray and Plane Intersection
I have an assingment due for my College program I'm in, and I'm stuck on getting the answers. This i...
[18 replies] Last: Look at the routine Plane::intersectionPlane It already writes informa... (by lastchance)
Question about header files and adding additional cpp source files. (1,2)
So im writing a program and it's getting annoyingly large in size where im having to scroll through ...
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Trying to make it where it's invalid if a user enters a nonnumeric input and starts from the beginning
I tried to input it and I almost got it but I feel like there is on small change. At the end each ti...
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Calculate electric bill
Write down a program to calculate the fees charged on the house entered. The charge for 1 unit of el...
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by Ch1156
Nesting classes?
I want to be able to nest a class within a class or a struct within a struct. The reason for doing s...
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by peza
How to show output of linked list after getting user input
Good day, I'm quite new to linked lists, and I would like to ask for help with completing my code, I...
[1 reply] : You aren't linking the nodes together. It's this linking of nodes that... (by seeplus)
Having a problem with functions, function not working
Hi,i'm supposed to write an input function which ask the user to input a char. This is my first time...
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Writing function and combining them in the main loop of options
Hi, so i'm supposed to write functions: input, distance and display function and then combine them i...
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Is program correct?
I created a program and want to make sure it's correct. The original prompt is :Write a program call...
[1 reply] : Is program correct? Functionally the program is correct, though I'd ... (by George P)
Problem with cout with multiple namespaces.
I am trying to practice using namespaces that each have a class of the same name. I tried to create ...
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