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Easy function for scaling a bmp image
Hello is there a easy function for scaling a bmp (24 bit) image to a size of 256x256 pixels?
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Cash register (1,2)
WHy doesnt it go into the if statement block of code? #include <iostream> using namespace std; #include <string> int main() { string Ham = "Ham ...
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Stream wav directly to audio speaker
Hi, can anybody suggest a small lib for opening and passing on data from a wav file to speakers? I already checked out WSAPI and SndLib. First one is to ov...
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Having trouble adding spaces between characters in a string being built via a for loop.
I'm adding characters from one string to another with the addition of spaces between the characters. This doesn't work. I get a real crazy output. /...
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by min01
C Language Bisection Method Algorithm;Midpoint (1,2)
Hi Everybody! I need help, I can't run the program. Also I need the iteration to run at maximum of 20 only and it has to be in C language, what should I change ...
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I'm having trouble iterating through a const string.
I'm trying to use a for loop to iterate through a const string to print the characters but I'm getting an error. If I remove the const for that string in the fu...
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by Wedde
Delete file with string variable
I am trying to delete a .txt file. When hardcoding the .txt, like Banana.txt it functions like expected with the remove function. But when i am trying to use a ...
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Issues with a header file
My program is the start of a "music database" which acts as a terminal. The user will enter in commands to get things done. At the moment, however, I am having ...
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c++ programming
1. Print the entire list. This menu item is selected by typing 1 and it should simply print the contents of the file in suitable format on the screen. (Field...
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use of __cplusplus in python source
At the top of each C header file (after the include guards), use this #ifdef __cplusplus extern "C" { #endif and at the bottom, need to enclose #ifdef __cp...
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I have an txt file called arr.txt that looks like 4;3,2,5,6 2;1,5 3;4,6,8 .... (has an unknown amount of rows in the txt file) The first value of the row is ...
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Make numbers in sequence
Hi, I have a school project on basic C++ where the user will input numbers between 1 to 1000 and the code should make those numbers in sequence. Like if t...
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All random number are the same in C
Hello, When I run the below code all ten numbers are the same but when I debug and trace the program, all ten numbers are different. How can I solve this ...
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logical operators
i am a novice programmer and i want to learn through practicing. #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { for(int i=0;i<=6;i++) { if(...
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Linked List Help!! (Now have 23 errors with code) (1,2,3)
For this code, I have to create a program using linked list that will ask the user to enter the month and the amount of rainfall that month got. I'm confused on...
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unhandled exception at 0x00EEFB5D in Project1.exe: 0xC0000094: Integer division by zero.
hello. been working on this code for a while now and had lots of help from the people here The code runs normally up to the second question, however at this ...
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How to traverse through two 2d arrays to create a list
Write a program that registers all the students in both streams in different arrays i.e., 5A and 5B. Traverse through both registers and come up with a full lis...
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having trouble with program and setw()
UPDATE on program calculating area of rectangle, and converting feet to inches. Result of program should be: Enter the length in feet and inches: 3 0 <Enter...
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