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17 errors with cpp file
I have to write a ArrayDictionary.cpp file that follows the ArrayDictionary.h file listed below. The purpose of the h file is An array-based implementation of t...
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cant use vector erase?
I am trying to use the erase function belonging to vector, but I am getting errors and I can not figure out why. I am getting different errors for it, but the o...
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by Wedde
What does std::flush really do?
When looking at videos and tutorial text flush seems to be used as a way to empty the stream, to not risk of having characters etc end up in places you did not ...
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I have to write a ArrayDictionary.cpp file that follows the ArrayDictionary.h file listed below. The purpose of the h file is An array-based implementation of t...
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Template Based Error:
As a part of creating an AVL tree, i ran into the following error when debugging:"error: no matching function for call to ‘getline(std::basic_string&, std::st...
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function needs to return two values, havent used structures/pointers before
Hello, I've got a problem in which I have a program where I am to find the gross and net pay of an employee when they give their hours worked and pay rate. My o...
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How can I make a vector of objects then print it's contents out?
The program I am making I wish to choose 2 values for an object, and then add them to a vector , my problem is I can't print them out through a function c...
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by Wedde
Read file to class members.
I have managed to read a string to a class member. My problem is that i want to read to four different class members (one string, three int) In the .txt file th...
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Confused on using the switch?
Im writing a program that shows a menu of the choice then ask the user to choice. So I need to use a switch statement to o ask the user to enter an integer ...
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by dvdlly
calculating large factorials
Hello everbody, I am given an integer n that can be at most 10^8. Now, I have to calculate the factorial of that number. I have been struggling with this probl...
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text file handling
One can save the file on notepad or word and one can also open the file through clicking on it and read or write in it through cursor instead of using ifstream ...
[1 reply] : > One can save the file on notepad or word and one can also open the f... (by salem c)
by vboro
Starting a for() loop in case of a linked list from Nth node?
Heyy! When creating a linked list from a struct array of countries, I have come across the problem with the first element. Everything is sorted in a growing or...
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by vboro
Problem with inserting element to empty list?
Hi! I've decided to practice linked lists, creating nodes from different kind of data structures, arrays and stuff. My current task is creating a linked list f...
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SDL bad performance
Hey! I’m testing out SDL and made the following test project to see the performance. I want to make an array of points randomly on the screen, then for every...
[11 replies] Last: This algorithm may be of interest: a constant time algorithm on GPU ... (by JLBorges)
by vboro
Rotating matrix problem
Hi! I got the task where I must make a function in which I must rotate a dynamic, bool matrix and save this rotated form to another dynamic matrix in a void fun...
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Need to create an Entry.cpp file
I need to create a entry.cpp file that will follow the functions listed in the entry.h file listed below. Could anyone help me create one? /** A class o...
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Trouble initilizing static variable.
I am trying to initialize the variable count, which I declare in the class Count. However, I have tried doing it in multiple places in multiple ways and it does...
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by siid14
Linker issue ?
I'm doing the following problem : Add on to your Rectangle class from last time: 1)Create a new class TestRect which is a friend class of Rectangle. Insi...
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Min and max number
how to display min and max number that inserted by user without using array ? My coding wont display min number. #include <iostream> using namespace st...
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Bubble sort function for last names, in alphabetical order
For this project I am struggling to create my function that sorts a list of full names by last names. I know that I will need to use another bubble sort as I ha...
[5 replies] Last: What's with all the .at() ? As the loops are from 0 to < .size(), then... (by seeplus)
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