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by Mif
I get some errors.. if anyone could help me "C"
I have follow some videos on youtube like to make a game in C from scratch.. all fine until I get th...
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Pointer length in C
Hello, Why output is 12? #include <stdio.h> int main() { int a = 5; int a2 = 6; ...
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by eqis
Class fields
Hi, I'm trying to create a class with an object field. I want to create the object on the stack r...
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while loops, txt file and arrays
Hi I'm currently working on something for the future where I want to read through a comma separated ...
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Getting Results from the Set
Hi all, std::set<int> setx{ 100, 100 , 20}; for(auto &elem : setx) { cout<<"Print...
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no suitable conversion function from "std::basic_string <char, std::char_traits<char>,std::allocator<char>>"to "int" exists
My code is unfinished at the moment but the problem I'm having is the "name" of if(isspace(name .sub...
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Create an h file for binarySearch program
I've created a program that asked the user to enter a name if the name entered then computer says th...
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I have some problem with my code about mode
This code supposed outputting the mode of the input, problem is, this code just outputting 0. Do you...
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Need help creating a card game similar to Rock Paper Scissors but with different objectives
Hello, I seek assistance in creating this game it is similar to RPS(Rock,Paper,Scissors) but with di...
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looking for an easy to install and use c++ compiler
Hi Everyone, I am looking to get back in to writing some code in C++. I have Visual Studio. I am hav...
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Repeat a print out value of the last data . (1,2)
Currently this code repeats a last value it prints it twice choiceBB choiceB choiceB2 choiceB2 ...
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by siid14
Three errors on overload pb
Been working on this problem about overloading function and private function but I got a couple of e...
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Why is this valid code?
See the following: #include <iostream> using namespace std; template<class X*> void y()...
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while loops, txt file and arrays
Hi I'm currently working on something for the future where I want to read through a comma separated ...
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by Ch1156
Creating Multiple instances of one object
So I am playing a game called Factorio and I have a bunch of storage chests for items and it got me ...
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Having trouble with for loop
The code itself "works" as in it doesn't bring any errors, but it isn't working as intended. What I ...
[1 reply] : else is binary, what I mean is you have if this, then that, else other... (by jonnin)
Array and txt file
Hi I have a 4 by 4 comma separated txt file named val.txt that looks like 1,2,3,4 2,4,6,4 1,2,...
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