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I have some questions about reading/writing to/from a file.
I've been reading up on this subject but can't seem to find anything specific about a few things I'm...
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Newbie in c++ Some one help me with this.
I am having trouble in pointers 1. Consider the given function; void set(int *ptr) { *ptr =...
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by Zetrox
new c++ learner , could u help me please
Hello everyone i have this exercise where i have to fill up a quizz of 30 question , i answered all ...
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Station problem c++
I need help with the next problem. Correct the next issue so that it runs. Or any other solution :) ...
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by Ch1156
How to copy a classes constructor arguments in derived class without retyping them all?
So lets say I have a base class and the constructor for it has 10 arguments, If I inherit from that ...
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Aggregation. Trying to establish connection between objects of two different classes
Hello! I've created one vector for the drivers class and one for the buses class. The atributes of ...
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converting CURL command line to libcurl code
Hi I can successfully POST data using the libcurl utility: curl -v -X POST -d "{\"temperatu...
[1 reply] : Try adding a / at the end of HOST_SUFFIX #define HOST_SUFFIX "/tele... (by dutch)
Question regarding the language
I just want to know , when you code , do you still look up some phrases or do you do it all out of y...
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vs19 c++ console app LINK : warning LNK4067
I am getting below error when I want to Build and Release my app: LINK : warning LNK4067: ambiguou...
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How to do insertion sort using 2 arrays..(storing the sorted array in another array)
Hi,im currently trying to do insertion sort using 2 array and I've tried insertion sort using 1 arra...
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by Zetrox
Am new to c++ and programming in general , can you please hep me with this exercise?
i have this exercise where i have to find the error in some code and correct it in some cases , i al...
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Help with using a type alias with a custom class. Please.
I think I answered my own question during the time it took me to write this out, but I want to make ...
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Converting from C++ to C
Hi, I'm working on a project, and below is a segment of my code written in C++. However, it's requir...
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linked list, big O
I am learning linked list, some sites are saying that insertion and deletion are O(1) and others are...
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Having trouble outputting from a file
I'm using a playfair program, and i'm having trouble with outputting to my file. Everything outputs ...
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Learning loops
How do I make multiples of three or five to be printed? -------------------------------------------...
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Refernce variable length array with pointer
project description: I have an esp8266 that is receiving a string representing a color pattern of rg...
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by Ch1156
Inheriting from a base class that inherits from another base class (1,2)
Im reading through C++ Primer 5th edition and I got to chapter 15 about object oriented programming ...
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1) Write a program in C++ that is capable of displaying how many numbers from 0 to 100 that are divi...
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returning value using a pointer and struct
I'm trying to have my function return the current position of the person but I'm having trouble figu...
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