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Write a program that repeatedly reads in integers until a negative integer is read. The program also keeps track of the largest integer that has been read so fa...
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by Ganado
read a text file into a class
would it be possible to get the text file into the class format Are you saying you want to change the data inside the text file? It sounds you'd rather want t...
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How to save code to a .txt file over multiple sessions
I'm creating a program that will create a "company" profile (not actually used by companies), and the profiles will save to a .txt file, which works fine but Wh...
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inserting a class object into a map??
Hey yall, so we have an assignment dealing with maps, and I think I understand them, but I cannot get this one to work. I have a class (Apps) that contains a st...
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Struggling with an infinite loop and a sub for global variables
I have 2 questions. My first program I am struggling with an infinite loop but I dont understand why, The second I dont know how to maintain the value of "wo...
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File to a 2D array
I have a problem where i need to take different parts from a file and put it into a array. the file given has 28 rows and 5 columns, but i do not need two of...
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dynamic parameter function
Hello @all Suppose I have a function struct s_input{ ... }; s_input in; void test(s_input *a, ...); I have a variable "num" (parameter o...
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Create struct in header file and reuse it.
Hey, I'm writing a program which contains this map: const fifo_map<std::string, std::vector<int>> chords { {"maj", {0,4,7}}, ...
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recursion error?
I made a code to check if a string is a palindrome. It works just fine for non-palindromes, but it outputs an error that goes along the line "terminate call aft...
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what's wrong with my code?
Hi im trying to make a program to prime factorize a positive integer, but it doesnt seem to work. Can you help me find whats wrong with it? #include <cstdio>...
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If Loops & Input From Data File
Hello all! I'm a beginner C++ student in her first class. I seem to be struggling with getting the code to read the file inside my folder. This is the code I ha...
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vector question
whats the difference between these std::vector<int *> tmp vs std::vector<int> *tmp?
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c-strings prog 7
Hello I am technically done with this project but I would like to get some feedback by someone more advanced. It does not compile right now because I ran out...
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Passing enum to a struct
Write your question here. enum class Operation { Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide }; struct Calculator (Operation){ ...
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Visual Studio C++ warning C4829: Possibly incorrect parameters to function main.
It has been a very long time since I wrote C++. I have the latest VS 2022 community installed. When I do my build, I get the warning " warning C4829: Possibly...
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1 % 0 and boolean values
This was our exam question. I said it will be 4th but IDEs say it's 2nd. How can second "if" be true? #include <iostream> using namespace std; int...
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by razzzz
Weird initialization of shared_ptr variable
Hi all, first of all, I hope the "beginners" forum is ok for this question, I'm not 100% sure. I'm trying to understand this fragment of code, which is part o...
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Short way to add if statements to while loop.
Hey everyone, I'm lookin for a way to add statements to my while loop Now I have this: while (it.getNextEvent(currentMessage, samplePos)) Now i want ...
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Lines of zeros when reading from file
I am trying to read the following information from a file called inputInventory.txt but i get a bunch of zeros when ran Im trying to get in this format shea ...
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by ice60
What C++ GUI framework should I use?
I have programmed C++ console applications as a hobby for the past year or so. My school took notice and asked me to create a program for a touchscreen TV in th...
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