Short way to add if statements to while loop.

Hey everyone,

I'm lookin for a way to add statements to my while loop

Now I have this:

  while (it.getNextEvent(currentMessage, samplePos))

Now i want to add to this: if x !=0 and bool MidiMessage::isForChannel(x)

So the while checks for incoming midi messages, then i want to check if the user has selected (in the GUI on a slider) a different midichannel and if that channel corresponds with the channel of the incoming midi message.

I want to learn how to write this elegantly in stead of writing nested if statements
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Take the word “bool” out and you can probably write exactly what you have there. You can replace “and” by && if you wish, but it’s not obligatory.
can i put it in the same line as the while?
Yes, you can “and” three requirements together within the while test. It will be equivalent to nested ifs in the same order.
ok, when implementing i realized that i want to execute the while loop:

always if x= 0

if x > 0 and Midimessage.isForChannel(x) also

And if x differs from Midimessage.isForChannel(x) don't execute the while loop

Don't know if my explanation is ok
Possibly for the first 2 requirements:

while (x == 0 || (x > 0 && Midimessage.isForChannel(x)))

How does the 3) reconcile with 1) ?? 1) says always if x == 0 but 3) says don't execute if x != Midimessage.isForChannel(x) ??

3) can be re-phrased as execute if x == Midimessage.isForChannel(x).

So do you mean:

while (x == 0 || (x > 0 && Midimessage.isForChannel(x)) || ( x == Midimessage.isForChannel(x)))


it works! tx!
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