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having problems on line 49
Hello I would like to get some feedback on my overall code here. And i am getting stuck on line 49. your feedback will be appreciated. #include<iostr...
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button that turns off all features in embedded systems
Hey my name is Sophia, I am new to coding and embedded systems and I wanted to make a button that turns off and on a LED and at the same time turn off all o...
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Boolean to define prefix
Hi I have a number of string variables String Day1_Log = "Logs for day 1: " String Day2_Log = "Logs for day 2: " String Day3_Log = "Logs for day 3: " And a ...
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Initializing constructor
Hey everyone, Ik keep bumping my head agains this, i have a knowledge gap on initializing contsructors, if anyone knows a good resource or could explain it wou...
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Studying Advice
Hi I am a student at a community college. I am looking for some help in studying for a C++ exam. Its on the chapters 10 - 12 from the Starting out with C++ ...
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how to ensure an input is an integer?
int age; cout << "how old are you?" << endl; cin >> age; how could i edit this to make sure the age is actually an integer?
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Write your question here. I'm really lost with this code I dont really have a clue Im not trying to cheat I just work better off a finished code. #includ...
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Hailstone sequence
I am having difficulties with this lab so so if anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Given a positive integer n, the following rules will always c...
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Trying to input a file and storing the data in a vector
Hello everyone! I am trying to store the data of a file into a vector of type Ingredients*. I would really appreciate it if you could help me. The project has a...
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static_cast and enum value
Why can't I sucessfully get the enum value from the static cast? What am I missing? #include <iostream> using namespace std; struct Date{ int day...
[6 replies] Last: Perhaps something like: #include <iostream> struct Date { unsigne... (by seeplus)
how would i erase elements from my vector without using a constant integer? my vector is sorted like: username(1),password(1),name(1),age(1),hours(1),late(1),u...
[3 replies] Last: but i do not know the value of z before i run my program. from what ... (by seeplus)
How can I transfer the user input from function to function
I cant seem to get the program to calculate the hypotenuse. It prints 0.00 everytime. I think it's because it has no clue about the user's input. (I'm aware ...
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by jNc
string array to dat file issues
Hello there, i'm having difficulties when importing string array of 18 columns to dat file. It crashes in 30% times... Why does it happen? I guess it must be ...
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Nested Class using function in outer class?
class A: hello() greeting() <>class B: <>hello() is there a way so that class B can access the functions in class A without having to retype the function...
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Two issues my loops
Having two issues with this code. First, I need it to display the last 20 prime numbers. Currently it shows me the first 20 (this is probably an easy fix but I'...
[7 replies] Last: Sieve, obviously. On introduction valarray was the moon from the sky,... (by keskiverto)
cout'ing a float
Hey yall, another question. So I'm trying to output a float in a cout statement, and it keeps giving me extra numbers on the end, specifically 012142. The float...
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by Geckoo
Function and its parameters
Hello everyone. I remember an article explaining how to manage functions and their parameters. However, I remember an explanation about some additional paramete...
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How do I return a value of -1 if there are no duplicate values
This code is supposed to find the value with the most occurences. It's supposed to return a -1 if the their were no duplicate values. Here is what I came up w...
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what is 0x3<<14 mean ?
I am new in c++ coding in this chapter I can not understand the meaning of " mask = 0x4<<16;"
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by Pen72
Fitting items
Is this similar to knapsack problem, what sort of functions should I use? There are N chocolates and several boxes. Each chocolate has its own calories. Each...
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