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std::copy results in "Expression cannot seek value-initialized vector iterator"
Apologies in advance for the Vehicle class. There's no good reason why it's templated. I was just curious how to create a templated class that can be appended t...
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Permutations Assignment Using Double Variables
Hi friends! I'm new to fact, this is my second programming class. I understand a bit of it, but not 100%. My assignment this week is to determine the n...
[3 replies] Last: @j3n1096, You are falling into the trap of seeing a formula involving ... (by lastchance) - how to make it count as one symbol
Basically, I am trying to do a very simple ATM. A user can input any symbol on the keyboard, but as int op is an integer, I only want to allow them to inpu...
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where should I put my running total ?
I cannot figure out where a running total works for my program (new to coding / c++ ) the running total of the user's price, in case they want another oder...
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I'm getting one error in my code
In the ReadStudents function for "Student Student { _id, c, _fname, _lname, _cname, _Icount };" I'm getting an error for the curly brackets. #include <io...
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Troubleshooting quickSort
Hello! I'm writing a program that has two vectors of different class objects. The function I'm having trouble with reads from files into the two vectors and ...
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2d character array to float and integer array - unexpected float elements
I'm hoping to get an answer that doesn't require changing my methods. I'm an electrical student, not software, so I just need to get this to work. I'm reading ...
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How can we determine 2D array's column count automatically?
Is it possible to write kinda like "strlen(myArray )" inside of right square brackets instead of "200". (In the code example) Code Example #include <io...
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Passing a Char Array's Address Instead of Itself to a Function
I recently learned some pointers. And yes, they're confusing. My question is, how can we pass the char array's address to a function. Yes, I can do it with int ...
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Why don't use GoTo?
Hey! So I made this homework where I should programe my own calculator, in the way I wanted it. It didn't came out the way I wanted it but I had to wrapped i...
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After deallocating memory, set the pointer to NULL - C
Hello, Could you please explain this? I didn't catch it. Why should we set the pointer to NULL after deallocating memory? After deallocating memory, set th...
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by Pen72
Prime number
Ugly numbers are those number whose prime factors are 2, 3 or 5. Can you find out those ugly numbers? Specially 1 is considered as an ugly number Input Forma...
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by Slyde
const pointer
I'm trying to get a grasp on const pointer. Given the following code: const int num1{100}; const int* const p_num1 {&num1}; In the second line...
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