namespace placeholders {  extern /* unspecified */ _1;  extern /* unspecified */ _2;  extern /* unspecified */ _3;  // ...}
Bind argument placeholders
This namespace declares an unspecified number of objects: _1, _2, _3,..., which are used to specify placeholders in calls to function bind.

When the function object returned by bind is called, an argument with placeholder _1 is replaced by the first argument in the call, _2 is replaced by the second argument in the call, and so on... For example:
using namespace std::placeholders;
auto bound_fn = std::bind (fn,100,_1);
bound_fn(5);  // calls fn(100,5), i.e.: replacing _1 by the first argument: 5 

The type of these placeholder objects is unspecified (it depends on the library implementation, see is_placeholder), but in all cases their type shall at least be nothrow default-constructible and nothrow copy-constructible. Whether assignment operations or additional constructors are supported is implementation-defined, but any copy-assignment or move-constructor shall also be not throwing.

When a call to bind is used as a subexpression in another call to bind, the placeholders are relative to the outermost bind expression.


Replaced by the first argument in the function call.
Replaced by the second argument in the function call.
Replaced by the Nth argument in the function call (where N is a natural number).

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