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I'm new, and I don't know why this does not run successfully.
I am a student and starting to learn C++. Here is the question: The program accepts two positive integers from the input. Output every integer from the first nu...
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can we use lambda to initialize set/map container?
//neccessary headfiles are included int main(){ auto f= (int x,int y){return x>y;}; auto f2=&f; set<int,decltype(f2)> tree(f2); fo...
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Sweeping/searching/slicing in c++
Hi, I would like to get a better understanding with each slicing and determine how to sweep through a user defined input, as researching the internet there's so...
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open lots of text
Working with microsoft visual studio. Wondering if there is a way to get a program to open the exact same .txt file many times and then close the program. Thank...
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by Geckoo
What is this last address?
I have just a simple question trying to understand correctly pointers. I understand the first and the second output which work as expected, but the last one is ...
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confusion on object construction
//neccessary headfiles are included class obj{ public: int x; obj(const &o){;} obj(){}//Q1 mark1 }; int main(){ obj a;//Q1 mark2 a.x...
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Floating point number greater than 8 bytes
Is it possible in C++ to handle number that would be greater thatn 8 bytes? I have a situation where I need to do that. I thought the solution would be to use ...
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Unary Operator Overloading
Why is this compiled? (EDIT: in line no 24) Isn't c++ is rval? even if it is lval it is not assigned to 4. #include <iostream> using namespace std; class Co...
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Open another window in visual studio
Trying to make a C++ code in visual studio 2019 that will open a video in another window, and create a new window, not play the video in the command thingy. A l...
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Working on creating a class with methods, using functions i have to get and display info im getting an error that says "error: no matching function for call ...
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Extract and Add a Series of Numbers
I have to extract numbers from a string and then add them, but I am stuck and I'm just not sure what to do next if anyone could guide me to get further it would...
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Timed Password Cancel
how i delete a post
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Find Largest Prime Number
A Prime Number is a number that is greater than 1 and has just two factors: itself and 1. Given an integer, N, for N ≥ 2, a common question is, what is the...
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ASCII art not printing
I'm having trouble figuring out why the console is not printing out the ASCII art. Side note, there might be a few other mathematical issues as well as the fac...
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(Pointer) can you tell me the difference in two blocks of code?
Hi I am learning c++ linked list data structure. I am stuck in understanding difference of these two blocks of code. 1.First void addAtHead(int val) { ...
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Pointer inside the struct
use pointers inside classes or struct, can some explain why/how use pointers inside the struct, i have an example here , if someone can help, please explain it...
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by dizzie
unexpected and unwanted output
hey, I'm having problems with coding this program. the output is not what i wanted. any ideas? this is the question: The manager of the Diner by the Valley ...
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user defined literal, REQUIRES long double???
QUESTION 1: Why do I get a compile error invalid parameter list when I set the user defined literal a double in the parameter list, instead of a long double? Is...
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Wireless tagging for beginners
I will preface this question with a caveat: I'm a reasonably talented programmer, but an absolute novice in electronics. This will be my first project. My dad ...
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How to make sure that different dynamic memory is allocated to the same pointer when using while loop? (1,2)
Here is my question: How to use a while loop to allocate different dynamic memory address to the same pointer? For example, there is a pointer named "Creator"...
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