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BitBlt Error After Many Iterations
Hey guys, I've ran into a bit of a snag... The program I'm writing captures a portion of my screen, stores it in memory, grabs pixel data from memory, then ref...
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cout is not working
even after using namespace std cout is not working #include <stdio.h> using namespace std; int main() { int martialarts(int arr ,int arrSize){...
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Displaying an Image
I am trying to create a console controlled program, that receives an input command, creates a window and displays a .bmp picture in the window, and then is clos...
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I need help writing a dice game code
Rules of the Game:1- Randomly roll the first dice once(six-sided dice). 2- Randomly roll the second dice. 3-Compare first and second dice. a. If they are e...
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by dizzie
unexpected output
hi, this program executes fine but the output isn't what I want. for some reason, my if and else statement is not executing. This is the question: "(Fluid Me...
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Exiting Threads Closes Main Thread?
Hi everyone! New to the forum and I haveta say that there's a wealth of knowledge on here that has helped me GREATLY so far... Anyway, I'm very new to C++ and...
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c++ beginner - use loop for odd/even number (1,2)
This is the description of the prac im doing. The code below is what I have come up so far. I also attached the pseudocode as well. And for me it's confusing so...
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Help with code
Can anyone help me with this program I am kind a stuck, I have no idea what I have to do or where to start with because my tutor did not show me how to do this ...
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by AkiraC
How to perform array frequency count?
Hi, I need to write a program to read, group, and total up the survey marks entered by a respondent. I need to use an array to store the frequency counts and I'...
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by ng1865
How to incorporate pointer notation
I would like to remove all white spaces in a string from a code sample so that way it can print out as a character array. However, I need to approach this by us...
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by ng1865
Explaining pointer notation
I need to remove all white spaces in a string from a code sample so that way it can print out as a character array. However, I must approach this by using point...
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Is there a more efficient way of comparing multiple elements of an array?
for example, if I wanted to check if int Array [0,1,2] were equal to 5, 3, and 6 respectively, (data is redundant) what I would use something like this: if (...
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String Processing Delete between two characters
Hello all, I am currently working on string processing because I have not learned it. I have a string = <html><p>Hello < / P>. I am simply trying to remove a...
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by Geckoo
Create a new Thread
Hello. I am trying to create a thread so as to manage some delay inside a process. I tried with Sleep and Thread, but it freezes my project because it blocks th...
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Struct Functions
Hey all, needing a little guidance here. SO were supposed to use 2 functions. One funtion to take input, and return a struct datatype. And one function to outpu...
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stl sort function
I am going back over older code that I had written before and I have noticed something that I dont actually understand. Code below. How is the sort and compare ...
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Program to drop lowest score and calculate average.
I have already started the program, the only issue is that I cannot get it to work. How can I improve my code? Prompt: Using the C++ while loop or the do – ...
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c++ beginner - read 10 integers into an array
hi guys. i got the description of the prac im working but i cant seem to figure the solution. i also have attached the pseudocode and my code below so i hope it...
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Segmentation fault when working with binary file
HI guys, doing something that I've done countless of times but nothing looks amiss to me yet I'm still getting a seg fault. *sorry about the debugging prints ...
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Good practice for this two scenario
hello guys! I would like to know your opinion about what is better (or good practice) for these 2 samples below: 1) Is it better to make menu option as func...
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