Open another window in visual studio

Trying to make a C++ code in visual studio 2019 that will open a video in another window, and create a new window, not play the video in the command thingy. A lot of the stuff I've got from this forum and online isn't working.
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It sounds like you are try to run before you can walk.

Slow down and learn the basics.
I know the basics, Just trying to expand my knowledge. Plus, I need this for a personal project that I am working on.
Your problem is too underspecified.

You can use ffmpeg's libavcodec to decode many extant video formats

(This is not really a beginner's task)
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that will open a video in another window
I know the basics

Knowing the basics isn't just the C++ language, it's also knowing how to create a window and how to build and link 3rd party libraries to your project.
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