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I am having problem with calendar in searching out about day of date, problem is this we are having two kinds of year one is ordinary year and second is leap year. If one year has 365 days along with having 50 days in a month then in a year there will be 365/50 = 7 month and the left over 365 % 50 = 15 days will be in other year, the formula for the count of leap year is every left over day in year, we must sum it up to next year ,in case of this counter  15+15+15+15 = 60 > 50 there will be leap year, so leap year will be in 4rth year means in fourth year we will have 8 months and 60 days-50days =10 days the left over for the counter of next leap year we will add to 5th year. From this we come to know that coming leap year will have 10+15+15+15 > 50 counter that is 3 years after the forth one. So we will have next leap year at seventh.

My objective is to find out at date 0001-01-01 what the day will be? I have no idea how to get this, If someone help me, it will be appreciated.
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