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Hi I am a student at a community college.

I am looking for some help in studying for a C++ exam.
Its on the chapters 10 - 12 from the Starting out with C++ 9th edition textbook from Tony Gaddis.

I am have a bit overwhelmed with the material and tend to have a bad habit of being easily distracted.

I am really scared and I am trying to improve but my mind is just not focusing.

What do you recommend?

If there are programming excersises at the end of each chapter, or if you have been given exercises that are more relevant for the course, then I recommend you do those.

If you have access to old exams from previous years I recommend you try to solve those and study the subjects that you have trouble with.

Don't be scared of making mistakes. It's better to make a mistake and learn from it than not even giving it a try.
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what is giving you trouble?
it looks like that is pointers, strings, unclear chapter title on data structures (???) and file I/O.
quite a bit of material for one exam.
Hopefully by now you have been tasked with homework to use each of these things? As above, work some problems, look at your notes from class, review the homework you did. If something specifically is giving you trouble, ask about it.

On a bigger front, being distracted and trying to focus is a sign of at least mild ADD or whatever trendy letters they put on it these days. I have this as well, and it can be tough. I dunno what advice to give though, I barely studied or read the books, just used them as reference. The actual coding and problem solving is how I learned to do it, and that somehow manages to hold my attention.
Hi Peter,
There is some exercises also some fill in the word blanks and true or false questions for each chapter.
I will message you if I need more assistance.
Though I am to seek have big gaps to my programming knowledge especially to pseudocode and writing programs from strach.

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Have a look at
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