class template


template <class Engine, size_t k> class shuffle_order_engine;
Shuffle-order random number engine adaptor
An engine adaptor class template that adapts a pseudo-random number generator Engine type so that the numbers are delivered in a different sequence.

The object keeps a buffer of k generated numbers internally, and when requested, returns a randomly selected number within the buffer, replacing it with a value obtained from its base engine.

Template parameters

A random number engine type. All standard generators, except random_device, are random number engine types.
Table size: Number of elements in the buffer table.
This parameter should be greater than zero.
size_t is an unsigned integral type.

Member types

The following alias is a member type of independent_bits_engine:

member typedefinitionnotes
result_typeEngine::result_typeThe type of the numbers generated.

Member functions

Non-member functions

Member constexpr constants

member constantdefinitionnotes
table_sizeThe second template parameter (k)The size of the buffer table.

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