function template


template <class charT, class traits, class Engine, size_t w, class UIntType>  basic_ostream<charT,traits>& operator<< ( basic_ostream<charT,traits>& os,                       const independent_bits_engine<Engine,w,UIntType>& ibe );
Insert into output stream
Writes a textual representation of the object's current state (including the state of the internal Engine object it adapts), separating adjacent numbers by one or more spaces, in such a way that if this same text is inserted using operator>> into an object of the same type, the same sequence of random numbers would be generated by equivalent invocations of operator().

If os's fmtflags is not set to dec|left and its fill character is not the space character, the behavior of this function is undefined.


ostream object with its fmtflags set to dec|left and using the space character as fill character.
A independent_bits_engine object.

Return Value

The same as parameter os.

If some error happens during the output operation, the stream's badbit flag is set, and if the appropriate flag has been set with ios::exceptions, an exception is thrown.


Linear on the state size.

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