Windows Programming - September 2022

A Simple way to play a sound on a form?
Hi, just trying to play a sound when the user presses a button. This won't compile. Gives a very long error message which I don't understand mciSendString(...
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by Geckoo
Random numbers (1,2,3)
Hello. I have no questions today, but I need some explanation about this method so as to generate a random number. I made a little test using this code - an alt...
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How to show an image by a new window by providing char sequence?
Hello guys, in order for me to understand videostreams correctly, i need to know if threre is a way to not save a file into lets say .PNG et ceter and to then...
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How to send real time screenshare over tcp windows socket?
Hello all, i just wondered how i could screenshare over a tcp socket connection. I want the client to send real time pictures to the server, which then disp...
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can we change console output to CP_UTF8 but using only C++ standard?
can we change console output to CP_UTF8 but using only C++ standard instead of windows functions? How do we build the locale to specify UTF8 and then imbue that...
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What is the encoding of CString? (1,2)
CString is a wchar_t based string type; what encoding does it use? how can one translate from CString to std::string? Thanks! Juan
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can i create a texture line?
we can create a HPEN or HBRUSH. but can i create a HPEN from an image?
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How to set brightness for one specific monitor
Good day everyone, I'll try my best to describe my issue. I'm writing a software with Visual C++ .Net Framework. Goal is to plug in a monitor, and the software...
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