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now() returns same as current_zone()->to_local(now())
Hi, system_clock::now() returns the same value as chr::current_zone()->to_local(now()); I expected...

is this object dangling?
hi, I have this code [code] assert(ltrim_copy(str) == "ยข4,500.55"); // line 1 [/code] ...

where can I find trim() in std C++?
I expected std::string to have a member function trim() but it does not. How to accomplish this?? ...

parsing a formatted string
I have this: [code] std::istringstream is{"5,600"}; is.imbue(std::locale{"en_US"}); double dou; is...

parsing a formatted string
using the format library in C++20, and having done this: [code] int val = 25; string str = std::for...

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