OOooo, Pretty!

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My yay was sarcastic. At least this new design can be made to look better than the old with some Javascript.
The new look when seen as a whole isn't half bad. Now the main page shows the forum activity, and

The new topic preview WORKS!
Whoa! Really good new look. I really appreciate it. Clean and efficient ++
Now that the new look is official site-wide the post preview is looking much better. The preview looks more like what the post will actually look like when posted.

Overall I'd give this a two thumbs up, unequivocally. The same cplusplus functionality with more than a new coat of paint and a light buffing.

As much as I liked the old look it was a bit "stone knives and bear claws" website looking.
Now that this site update appears to be mostly complete I wonder if the currently hidden C++ FAQ and visible Articles sections will become live again.

Be nice if they were.

Here's the link to the "hidden" C++ FAQ, a work in progress that sadly was stalled quite a while back. Same with the Articles.
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Articles section is there...

What is hidden is the Info section

C++ FAQ is part of the info section.
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zapshe wrote:
At least this new design can be made to look better than the old with some Javascript.

Now that the new design can be seen as a complete setup even without any modifications it is quite nice.

Yes, I still like the staid look of the old design, but this redesign is "growing on me."
One small quibble. When you're creating/editing a post the same font/size isn't used to that when the post is displayed. Can we have the same font/size for both please.
@seeplus, I suspect there are still a number of "behind the scenes" tweaks that are gonna take place. Eventually.
Who made all these new features and this look?
I am wondering if they planned something against bots and spammers?
Overall, thumbs up ++
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There aren't really any new features that are noticeable, changes and updates to the code that drives the site apparently is what is going on.
Do my eyes deceive me or the main page's "latest forum activity" dynamically updated?

I like to have the main page in one browser tab and the forums in another, so having the activity be pushed when changes happen would be nice.

M'ok, my eyes lied to me. :Þ
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Small constructive criticism:
The "Forum" list box used to have the whole row's rectangle be clickable, now it seems you can only click on the "Beginner", "Lounge", etc. text as the hyperlink. Would be nice to have it be the whole box.

Unless I'm misremembering. But I have tried to click on the Lounge box in vain at least a few times now out of pure habit/muscle memory.
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You aren't the only one who remembers the clickable zone for the forums was the entire line, Ganado, not just the size of the text.
Admin, FYI: The ads blocking the reply button have caused me to do what I prefer not to: block all ads. I have simple rules about ads which I have kept relaxed because I like this site, but those are: No video, no sound, and not covering content.
Interestingly italic text seems to be displayed as bold.



bold and italic

Is this just me or is this a bug? It doesn't seem to happen in the preview.
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Using my code from earlier, currently using the Segoe UI font which I think is nice. It doesn't make italics look bold. version. The issue does not exist with Segoe UI at all.

Turning it off, I see that italics is also bolded.
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It seems to be caused by the Roboto font. In the preview the "Roboto" font is not loaded correctly which makes it fall back to a "sans-serif" font which is displayed as expected.
After using my own fonts and such in my code, I can't go back. The forum just looks a lot cleaner.

Only issue is that it changes the page once. So when I do something like make a new post, it shows it in the old style. I can probably easily fix that, but not worth spending the time right now.
Personally I preferred the original look of this site. It felt like a nice piece of internet design that is no longer really used. Generally I liked it for the novelty.
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