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Everything works for me. Someone's poking around I think.
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If I search something like "vector", it'll take me to the page. This is just parsing for words to navigate you.

But actual searching says "searching" until it gives an error.
Y’all gotta relax. He’s actively working on it, probably in his free time. Things will work, change, not work, work again, all until everything is upgraded. Just keep this (or any relevant) thread updated with information about anything that fails spectacularly.

Roboto is one of my favorite fonts. Looks good and easy to read on any device.
Specifically, the dark blue underlined usernames on each post is ugly.

I've revamped a professor's old site before, and I spend a good amount of time just on fonts - finding one that's easily readable yet still fits the décor and looks like something from this decade.

Araboto is a fine font - but the sizing, spacing, and margins are killing me. For example, when looking at the posts on the forum, the preview for the OP's post can stretch to all the way under the OP's name.

Then again with the dark blue and underlined titles and usernames.

I also think the preview for the last post on the thread should be a thicker font. It's a readable font, but when it's that small and skinny it's an eyesore.

This is just some constructive criticism.
Y’all gotta relax.

One good thing about the at-times changes that can be annoying/frustrating, this isn't

We get this for free, no up front payment required to use the site, so dealing with the ongoing changes could/should be considered the price for keeping cplusplus still around.
Sure, it takes time to get it all fixed up. And it didn't go totally down for the upgrades, bugs or no, which is nice.
Keep up the nice work!
Heh, I kind of like the dark blue — but I forgot that most people are looking at the forum without GreaseMonkey or anything like that. I’ve got a dark reader script installed for all those forums that can’t handle a user theme preference. (I’ve been dark-theming my PC since XP.)
Heh, I kind of like the dark blue — but I forgot that most people are looking at the forum without GreaseMonkey or anything like that.

Funny you said that. I have Dark Reader and I completely forgot about it (it works so well!). And With it off, the blue isn't so bad - the underlining is still annoying.

The dark theme actually changes the color of the usernames and such. It makes usernames lighter in the original site, but darker on the mobile version.

With dark theme on, the blue just has such a lack of contrast. It looks a darker shade of blue than the blue used in the non-mobile view.

I just don't feel any harmony with the design and font. Site should ideally be tested to make sure it looks good with common dark theme extensions.

This is all obviously subjective. I didn't much care for the look of this site when I first stumbled onto this forum, now I'm just use to it. But there are other forums that are just a pleasure to look at, like this one:

Though, I really like the preview given on cplusplus of the OP and last reply - something most other forums don't have.
I got a little curious and made a few changes using some minor HTML:

The first 3 threads I've edited to use the color #33AFFF for the titles, changed the title and last post preview to font Verdana, and the OP preview was changed to Lato. I also cut off the preview if it stretched out too far.

I'd also remove the underlining from the thread titles but I didn't wanna go that far.

The rest are left as I see them normally to show the difference. Am I the only one who thinks those changes would make a nicer looking forum? Lato is easy tot read, but it also looks modern.
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zapshe wrote:
I got a little curious

What color? Yellow?

I Am Curious (Yellow) (1967) - IMDb
that looks like it probably involves an entire rainbow.

As for the fonts, I like pure distinct characters and fixed width spacing. Like OCR where 1 and l and I and such are very notably distinct. I like crossed 7s etc. For the code that is. I really don't care what they do for the chat bit.
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Yep. That’s pretty much what I’m looking at.
I am not a fan of dark themes normally, I am an ancient and aged old fart after all, but zapshe's colorized version of the mobile cplusplus is not something I'd kick to the curb before test driving it a while.
ah, man. I missed a shot to do something with curious & george above :P
Remember, jonnin, George is not my meat world nomenclature. :Þ
I see skies of blue, a Curious George or two. Where's scooby do? We need a clue.

Remember, jonnin, George is not my meat world nomenclature. :Þ

Your real name is FurryGuy!
That is 'nother "not my meat world name."

That comes sideways from my dissipated days in Japan.
Looks like he's finally putting the new design on the regular page. Yay.
I wrote some Javascript. If I can't get the website I want, why not make it myself.

I am thinking of changing Lato font to something else. It looks fine, but I'm sure there's something better. Done for now though.

This code removes the ugly underlines, changes fonts, and snips the OP's preview if it gets too long.

Every part can be altered if anyone wants to.

EDIT: Sitka Text and (fontSize + 0) looks pretty good I'd say as a Lato replacement.

The only issue with this is that adding a new post leaves it looking like the old ugly style until you refresh the page. What would take this code to the next level would be putting all of that into a function and having an event handler checking for when you create or edit a post - so it's immediately edited as well by calling the function.

var a = document.getElementsByClassName("top");
var b = document.getElementsByClassName("cont");
var c = document.getElementsByClassName("bot");

for(var i = 0; i < a.length; i++)
   a[i].style.fontFamily = "verdana";
   a[i].style.textDecoration = "none";
   b[i].style.fontFamily = "Lato";
   c[i].style.fontFamily = "verdana";

   if(b[i].innerHTML.length > 145)
      var str = b[i].innerHTML;
      b[i].innerHTML = str.substring(0, 142).trim();
      b[i].innerHTML += "...";

//All Links.. hard to differentiate
var links = document.getElementsByTagName("a");
for(var i=0, max=links.length; i<max; i++)
    links[i].style.textDecoration = "none";

    if(links[i] != "verdana")
       links[i].style.fontFamily = "Montserrat";
    links[i].style.color = "#33AFFF";

var d = document.getElementsByClassName("dwhat");
var e = document.getElementsByClassName("dhow");
var f = document.getElementsByClassName("dwhen");

for(var i = 0; i < d.length; i++)
   d[i].style.fontFamily = "Segoe UI";
   e[i].style.fontFamily = "Segoe UI";

   var style = window.getComputedStyle(d[i], null).getPropertyValue('font-size');
   var fontSize = parseFloat(style); 
   d[i].style.fontSize = (fontSize + 2) + 'px';

   f[i].style.fontFamily = "verdana";
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Looks like he's finally putting the new design on the regular page. Yay.


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