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I don't know if any one else is having a problem but the new version of CPlusPlus is disabling my ability to post replies. Log out and log back into the legacy version and I can post again!
Yea, same issue. Probably just messing around with the site.
Nice to know I ain't the only one experiencing the issue.

At first I thought I had been "put on probation" since I had a couple of innocuous posts reported by some any-mouse trollio.
I noticed the post time was not displayed but you're right. I cannot reply and I cannot even see that I'm logged in in the top right corner.
I am sure the Admin is tweaking something with the new site, temporarily (let's hope) rendering the ability to "conversate" in the forums inoperable.

Keeping the legacy site access still be an option for use has restored the ability to reply.

I'd consider the inability to post comments as being an error, so I used the contact form to inform the admin of what is happening.
Cool! The any-mouse troll is still being a loser butt-head!
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